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Have you seen the LEGO movie yet? It’s… awesome!

Have you seen the LEGO movie yet? If not, you’re missing out. And if you don’t have kids to take with you to the movie theater, don’t let it stop you. When I took my kids on opening day a few weeks ago, there were plenty of people in the room who were childless. Here’s the LEGO movie preview if you’ve been living in a dark cave this whole time. It’s awesome!

So why is the LEGO movie so awesome? Let me sum it up for you: it is a mix of fun, adventure, suspense, action, humor, torture (wait till you see Liam Neeson’s Bad Cop/Good Cop…), explosions, jokes, special effects, bad puns, and tenderness. Did I say fun? This movie is laugh-out-loud funny from almost beginning to end. My favorite character probably is Batman, who really knows how to make a fool of himself. Take that, Christian Bale.

But maybe what I liked best about the LEGO movie is the story twist. Yes, there’s a twist, and a good one in my opinion. One of those twists that makes kids (and you) relate to the story more. It takes a step back and reminds you of what LEGO is all about. And the answer is: fun play, any way you like it.

I understand that in the past few years, LEGO has received some negative feedback from a few parents who don’t like the many LEGO sets that have been created. Those are the parents who complain that once their kids lose one piece, the set becomes useless (hmm, how about substitute that piece for another?). The LEGO movie approaches this issue in a smart way: the overall theme is that when playing LEGO, you can follow the instructions, or be a master builder, that is be able to build almost anything out of a pile of LEGO bricks. And that’s what I enjoyed most about the movie: imaginary play has no boundaries. Yes, the new LEGO sets come with lots of one-of-a-kind fancy pieces you can’t find anywhere else, but that’s what makes them more fun than a standard LEGO brick set. Once my kids have had enough of playing with a specific set, we put the pieces in our giant LEGO bag so they can make new creations out of them, and then play with them. It can’t get any better than this. LEGO master builders, unite!

Lego master builder creation

Lego master builder creation

I’d like to add that if you make your way to LEGOLAND California, you’ll want to visit the new LEGO movie experience.

LEGO movie experience at LEGOLAND California

LEGO movie experience at LEGOLAND California

In it, you’ll find the original LEGO city set that was used for the movie, along with many of the creations you see in the movie. That was a cool thing to see with my kids when it opened at the end of February.

Lego movie set at LEGOLAND California

Lego movie set at LEGOLAND California

By the way, my own master builders were thrilled to find this video of LEGO movie bloopers outtakes on YouTube after they saw the movie. I hope you get a good laugh out of it as much as we did. Watch it, it’s awesome!

Have you seen the LEGO movie? What did you think of it?

Goofy Monday: Chickens and butts, but no chicken butts

It’s another edition of Goofy Monday and this one is not R-rated like last week’s edition, but I think I still need to stick a PG-13 rating to it. What can I say, I live with two boys and I have a feeling it’s only going to get worse. Or better, depending if I’m on the receiving end.

Smells like…
Son #2 (hugging me goodnight): “Mama, you smell good! You smell like… chicken!”
I don’t think I’ve ever heard a guy say this to me, but from coming from my little man, I’ll take it as a compliment!

Tastes like…
Whenever I take my youngest to Souplantation for lunch, he likes to suck jello with a straw and extract “caterpillars” as a result (see below). Then he eats his caterpillar creations and comments on the taste:
“Mmmmmm, tastes like chicken!”
I’m starting to think I’m either smelling like cherry jello, or the Souplantation jello really tastes like chicken. I’m not sure which one to root for…

Jello caterpillar made with a straw

Jello caterpillar made with a straw

Butt crack
My kids like to play the Twister game. I can’t blame them, it’s a lot of fun, but I prefer to be the one turning the spinner and announcing the new positions because, well, my body doesn’t twist much. Once in a while though, I’ll take on the challenge and try to beat my kids at the game. And so I did a few days ago. As I was keeping up with the spinner and twisting more and more, this is what I kept hearing:
Son #2: “Mama, I can see your butt!”
Variant: “Mama, I see your butt crack!”
Note to self: don’t wear Old Navy low-rise jeans when playing Twister to avoid looking like a plumber crouching under the kitchen sink.

Look, I even have visual proof of our game. This is me as I started the game, and before my pants started coming down little by little with every twist. Notice how my son kindly cropped my upper body and face out of the frame when taking the picture with my cell phone. He may tell it like it is but he’s also a kind photographer.

Wear appropriate clothing when playing the Twister game

Wear appropriate clothing when playing the Twister game

I like big butts
Son#2: “Mama, you have a big butt!” (while slapping me on the butt)
Honestly, I don’t think I have a big butt as I’m far from being overweight, but I guess it may look big if your little face is at my butt level.

Have your children ever humiliated complimented your behind?

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Inside

My little big man turned six a few days ago and at his request, I made cupcakes to put his candles on. Can you believe I never baked cupcakes before? I usually make birthday cakes and I didn’t even have a cupcake pan. I do now and it means I can also make muffins too, yum!

The birthday boy was very impatient to open his birthday presents the whole week. The first time he saw them is when they were coming to our house inside boxes from Amazon and Target. Then I wrapped them up inside wrapping paper. Oh, I wonder what’s inside, he kept saying.

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: Inside

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Inside

It took the whole day for the birthday boy to unwrap his birthday presents one by one, playing with them a bit, then moving on to the next wrapped present. He got a mix of toys, books and games and I think they all were a hit. Happy 6th birthday, my boy!

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: Inside the birthday wrapping paper

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Inside the birthday wrapping paper

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Indulge

My youngest turned four this past weekend. He’s officially a little man who can “do it all by himself,” as he likes to say. As for me, I feel the past four years just ran by me like a bullet train. Fortunately I have a good memory and lots of digital photos to go with it. Watching another being grow up day by day into a wonderful little person is one of my most fulfilling rewards as a parent.

I knew this weekend would be one of indulgence. Birthday presents, birthday party, birthday cake… But I think the picture below captures what indulgence is to little children. My son got a few new Playmobil toys (his older brother was very eager to try them out) and inside the box was a small flyer of more Playmobil toys.

It took my kids just a few minutes to drop all of the new birthday toys and contemplate together what new Playmobil toys they’d like to get. Children really know how to indulge!

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Indulge

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Indulge

 How do your kids like to indulge?