Goofy Monday: Boobies and other private parts

I don’t know last week was for you, but it was quite hectic for me. I skipped my WWW Wednesday update, even though I managed to read a couple of books, so I’ll catch this week. In the meantime, it’s another edition of Goofy Monday and I must warn you this post contains crude language and frontal nudity…

What is love?
Son #2: “Mama, I LOVE your boobies!” (placing both hands on them)

I couldn’t help laughing the first time my five-year old boy said this to me last week, and I still laughed when he said it again a few more times later on. After taking a quick poll on Facebook, I drew the following conclusions:
– My son is probably straight and will turn in a typical guy, for whatever it’s worth.
– He may be missing his nursing days, but I’m not one of those moms who still nurses her school-age kids, so tough luck for him.
– Other boys his age do this, but here’s the interesting part: girls do it too, at least according to Sarsm! Maybe she’s the one who should be concerned. ;-)
Have your kids ever complimented your body parts?

By the way, here’s some sample nude art my eldest created last year, when he was just five. Guess who his unsuspecting subject was?

A child's take on nude art

A child’s take on nude art

Private parts are private
Son #2 (from another room): “I’m a doctor. It’s OK if I touch your private parts.”

I was in the bathroom getting the kids’ bath ready but after hearing the beginning of that conversation, I had to see what was going on. My boys were getting undressed for the bath and my youngest was “playing doctor” with his brother. He recently had his annual check-up and his pediatrician had to feel him down there. The part he forgot was that she asked me for permission first. It’s interesting to realize how selective our memory can be…

Love hurts
Son #2: “Mama, I love you so much, your eyes will pop out!”

Whoever said first that love hurts was absolutely correct. By the way, if you’ve never read my post Love hurts – why do our children cause us pain every day?, you’ll find other ways my kids’s love has hurt me. I wrote the post almost three years ago, but most of it still happens on a regular basis. Have your kids ever hurt you with their love, or bodies?

19 responses to “Goofy Monday: Boobies and other private parts

  1. Oh, my, looks like you had some great ‘teachable’ moments there. ;)

    My boys never did this. I shall consider myself lucky. And I was always fully clothed in all drawn pictures. Phew!

    • Lucky you! It might be a French thing though, since we tend to walk around with few clothes sometimes, even in front of the kids. I have a feeling Americans cover up a lot more in front of their children. I’m usually fully dressed on his drawings though. This time was his first try at nude art and he wanted to show me, but he didn’t want to feel embarrassed about it. It was a really cute moment. He’s over it now!

  2. Hahhah – love that nude art! Maybe he’s on his way to becoming a doctor.

  3. Your boys make me laugh. I love how he was trying to copy the doctor without permission.

  4. That is an excellent likeness of you. Not that I know anything about your private parts, but he captured your eyes perfectly.

  5. Our 3 year old is in the stage where he loves to say ‘I can see your – fill in with embarrassing body part here!’ Especially when we get out of the shower. What’s he doing in the bathroom while we’re showering, you may ask ? That’s because he likes to break in while we’re in the shower, if only to get to say ‘I can see your – fill in with embarrassing body part here!’

  6. That’s certainly very well-drawn. The title ‘Front’ is mystifying though. I can discern a ‘B’ and an ‘a’ or ‘o’ in reverse on the back of the paper. So is there a ‘Back’ too?

  7. Hey! This is good art, and that’s all it is :)

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