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Best store to buy baby clothes, kid clothes and shoes

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Buzz Lightyear pajamas

With two young boys who often treat their clothes and shoes as commodities, I can’t tell you how many items we’ve had to throw away in just a few years. Of course, the cheapest way to get clothes and shoes is to obtain hand-me-downs from family or really nice friends (you can’t beat free!), or shop the Craigslist and Ebay ads, or frequent the resale stores. I would also recommend shopping the clothing clearance racks of major retailers and stock up on the bigger sizes to build up your inventory at a lower price. Shop in the store,or online with additional coupons you can find on sites like and you can get some pretty sweet deals. I’ve managed to pay a buck or two for brand-new T-shirts and pants, not bad…

But the best deal of all is the Sears’ Kidvantage Club. If you’re a member already, you must be nodding right now. I found out about the program over a year ago, but I really wished someone had told me about it before. Here’s what you get by registering for the program (you only have to provide your phone number so remember which one you give out!):

  • A 15% discount for your next shopping trip every time you spend $100 on clothes or shoes
  • Everyone you know can buy clothes for your kids using that phone number, including aunts and uncles, grandparents, friends, etc, to help you reach that $100 purchase even faster.
  • Best wear-out guarantee: if your kid wears out the clothes or shoes you buy there before he/she outgrows them, Sears will replace them for free (same or similar item), and you only need to present a receipt for the national brand items, not the Sears’ brands. Warning: this only covers worn-out, not stained items – you can’t push your luck too far!.

Now, my only pet peeve about this program is that it doesn’t apply to online purchases, which I don’t understand because Sears should be able to tie in your store and online purchases with your phone number. But still, I don’t think you can beat that. With kids who love to make holes in the knees of their pants and the toe part of their shoes, I can’t think of any other store who lets me exchange them for free.

For more information, visit the Sears’ Kidvantage Club page and start saving!

If you know of other great savings deals on children’s clothing, toys, furniture, etc, please share it in the comments area of this page.

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