Have you seen the LEGO movie yet? It’s… awesome!

Have you seen the LEGO movie yet? If not, you’re missing out. And if you don’t have kids to take with you to the movie theater, don’t let it stop you. When I took my kids on opening day a few weeks ago, there were plenty of people in the room who were childless. Here’s the LEGO movie preview if you’ve been living in a dark cave this whole time. It’s awesome!

So why is the LEGO movie so awesome? Let me sum it up for you: it is a mix of fun, adventure, suspense, action, humor, torture (wait till you see Liam Neeson’s Bad Cop/Good Cop…), explosions, jokes, special effects, bad puns, and tenderness. Did I say fun? This movie is laugh-out-loud funny from almost beginning to end. My favorite character probably is Batman, who really knows how to make a fool of himself. Take that, Christian Bale.

But maybe what I liked best about the LEGO movie is the story twist. Yes, there’s a twist, and a good one in my opinion. One of those twists that makes kids (and you) relate to the story more. It takes a step back and reminds you of what LEGO is all about. And the answer is: fun play, any way you like it.

I understand that in the past few years, LEGO has received some negative feedback from a few parents who don’t like the many LEGO sets that have been created. Those are the parents who complain that once their kids lose one piece, the set becomes useless (hmm, how about substitute that piece for another?). The LEGO movie approaches this issue in a smart way: the overall theme is that when playing LEGO, you can follow the instructions, or be a master builder, that is be able to build almost anything out of a pile of LEGO bricks. And that’s what I enjoyed most about the movie: imaginary play has no boundaries. Yes, the new LEGO sets come with lots of one-of-a-kind fancy pieces you can’t find anywhere else, but that’s what makes them more fun than a standard LEGO brick set. Once my kids have had enough of playing with a specific set, we put the pieces in our giant LEGO bag so they can make new creations out of them, and then play with them. It can’t get any better than this. LEGO master builders, unite!

Lego master builder creation

Lego master builder creation

I’d like to add that if you make your way to LEGOLAND California, you’ll want to visit the new LEGO movie experience.

LEGO movie experience at LEGOLAND California

LEGO movie experience at LEGOLAND California

In it, you’ll find the original LEGO city set that was used for the movie, along with many of the creations you see in the movie. That was a cool thing to see with my kids when it opened at the end of February.

Lego movie set at LEGOLAND California

Lego movie set at LEGOLAND California

By the way, my own master builders were thrilled to find this video of LEGO movie bloopers outtakes on YouTube after they saw the movie. I hope you get a good laugh out of it as much as we did. Watch it, it’s awesome!

Have you seen the LEGO movie? What did you think of it?

24 responses to “Have you seen the LEGO movie yet? It’s… awesome!

  1. I haven’t seen it, but I’ve heard such good reviews about it that I want to. Maybe when it comes out on Netflix

    • Your whole family will enjoy it. Definitely worth watching once, and probably more than that. I know we’ll be getting the DVD for it when it’s available.

      • I know my son would love it–even at his age. But I really do want to see it too, which surprises me. Because when I first heard they were making a Lego movie I kind of thought it’d be a joke.

      • Trust me, I’ve seen some older Lego movies and they were pretty bad. But once you see the trailer for this movie and realize the whole movie is like that, it’ll be worth your time.

  2. We haven’t seen this one, but I’ve heard great things about it. My oldest son (believe it or not) and I went to see ‘Frozen.’ We both really liked it, proving that one doesn’t have to be a kid to still enjoy these films. Of course, we watched ‘Seven’ later that night, so that kind of balanced things out. ;)

    • What??? You have two boys and didn’t see the LEGO movie? You really need to go and take the whole family, it’s worth the many laughs. As for Frozen, I haven’t seen it and I’m really not tempted to see it. Should I? I read a very short book version with one of my students and it looks as corny as heck…

      • The funny snowman in Frozen is worth seeing it for that reason alone. He cracked us up, and my oldest teen son is a tough customer. I didn’t think it was corny. Good music, too.

      • Ah, but that music… is the corny part. Haha, maybe when it’s on video and I have no idea what else to watch.
        I do love this version of the Let It Go song though!

  3. Despite not being able to get that song out of my head since I saw it last week, I loved it! Everything is awesommmme….

    • Haha, that song is… something. My kids sing it in the back of the car in the morning so it gets stuck in my head for the whole day.
      Everything is awesoooooommmmme
      Everything is cool when you’re part of a team
      Everything is awesoooooommmmme…

  4. We added it to our Netflix queue after our nephew recommended it to us. He thought it was AWESOME!

  5. We haven’t made it to The Lego Movie yet. (We haven’t seen Frozen yet either, so we are seriously behind the times.) It’s been on our list the past couple of weekends, but other things keep coming up to bump it off. The calendar looks pretty empty this weekend, though. Maybe we’ll finally get a chance to see it. Your review certainly makes me want to!

  6. My son will be jumping when he reads this. I will sure watch it soon. A movie of the year, way more important than the oscars for a true Lego fan. Have a great Sunday.

  7. Another movie to look forward to then!

  8. My boys saw the Lego Movie and loved it. Unfortunately, I was working and didn’t get to see it with them, but I will see it when it comes out on DVD. Wow, that must be hard to sing in all those different voices, that woman is amazing! Thanks for posting that video :)

  9. We have not seen it yet, but we should. Every review I’ve read has been favorable. There have been home made Lego videos on YouTube for years, seems like it was a good idea to make a Lego movie. I know that a sequel is already in the works!

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