WordPress weekly photo challenge: an unusual POV

Today I’m participating in the WordPress weekly photo challenge and this week’s theme is “an unusual POV (point of view)”. Here’s what a trip to the San Diego zoo looks like from my kids’ perspective.

First we had a chance to see a 14-year old Timber wolf. It felt great to be so close to such an amazing animal.

Timber wolf

Timber wolf

Then we stumbled upon this mama peacock who was walking around the zoo with her little baby peacocks. A first experience for all of us.

Baby peacocks

Baby peacocks

At the children’s zoo, we saw the results of baking a bread house with the mice inside. :-)  We tried really hard to see the rest of their bodies but they wouldn’t budge. I guess it was comfortable in there.

Mice in bread house

Mice in bread house

Finally we stopped by the panda exhibit. While baby panda was sleeping high up in the trees, his mom was pigging out on bamboo –  one bamboo shot in each paw, alternating her munching from one to the other. You can see pandas have a hard life at the San Diego zoo.

Panda eating bamboo at the San Diego zoo

Panda eating bamboo at the San Diego zoo

That’s it for our little trip from last week!

19 responses to “WordPress weekly photo challenge: an unusual POV

  1. I love the panda shot. The bread house with mice is really weird!! :-)


  2. I’ll take that cute panda but the mouse tails? Ew, no thank you!

  3. Love the photo of the panda! :) http://holley4734.wordpress.com/

  4. That mama panda is a hoot!

  5. Cool shots. If you want to quiz your kids sometime . . . female “peacocks” are “peahens.”

    Just for fun, tell them the babies are “peanuts” or “pecans.” :razz:

  6. Our world turns into something magical and fun through a child’s point of view. You got me with the Wolf…exciting discovery. Mice in bread…reminded of kid’s story books. Love it! Have a great day.

  7. Those mice tails give me the creeps!

    I have wonderful memories of visiting the San Diego Zoo as a young girl (and the neon pink flamingo earrings I bought as a souvenir!). You are lucky to live so close by!

    • We still have plenty of those flamingos at the zoo! Being so close, we’re zoo members so we go there (and the Safari Park up north) at least once a month. There’s a lot to see every time, animals and plants alike. Always a great way to spend the day among nature.

  8. The last time I saw the mama panda, she was pregnant and just kind of hanging there so I’m glad she’s sitting back and relaxing now. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a baby peacock so that was a first. Just hoping I won’t have mouse tail nightmares now. :)

  9. FIrst I ever saw baby peacocks! Adorable!

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