WordPress weekly photo challenge: Inside… with a twist

Today I’m participating in the WordPress weekly photo challenge and this week’s theme is “inside”. I wasn’t sure I would participate when I first saw the theme on Friday morning but after what happened to us on Friday afternoon, I figured I had a good opportunity to feature something a little different.

I’m not a superstitious person and Friday the 13th doesn’t bother me, especially since nothing significantly bad usually happens on those days. Well, that was until Friday, September 13, 2013, when I drove to the store with my kids in the back of the car. As I was patiently waiting at a red light, I suddenly heard a very loud bang and my whole body jumped, and the car with it. It took me a couple of seconds to realize what had happened. A car had just crashed into mine.

I didn’t hit anyone in front of me because I was the first one in line, but my car was pushed into the sidewalk crossing area. Fortunately, it never got to the intersecting street, which is the busiest street in town. I quickly looked back at my kids and asked if they were OK. They had no idea what had just happened and didn’t seem to have suffered any injuries. I got out of my car if check the damage and I saw another car into my own, sitting sideways between two lanes, with a very apologetic driver. I have no idea what he did to make this happen (besides not stop) but I’m glad everyone is OK. Well, except for my car, which is a mess.

Know that the worst day to be in an accident is a Friday afternoon because nothing happens over the weekend, especially when you have to deal with someone else’s insurance company. So this week I’ll be spending my time figuring out when I can have someone evaluate the damage, taking my car to the repair shop and getting a rental car until it’s fixed. Never a dull moment.

This is what the outside of my car looks like, after I duct taped the bumper back in place. If you think it doesn’t look bad, take a good look at the back wheel and you’ll realize it’s crooked as the other car hit the whole left rear. The wheel and the tire are damaged, the suspension is broken, the back panel is all bent. The backlight is broken, the trunk is crooked, and everything under the bumper is dented. The bumper itself is the least of my worries. I just hope the frame of the car is OK.

My broken Ford Fusion

My broken Ford Fusion

And this is what the inside of my car looks like. Perfectly safe. Thank you to the Ford Motor Company for making safe cars. I love my Ford Fusion and the car not even being three years old, this breaks my heart. And thank you to Britax for making some of the safest child restraint seats.

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: Inside my car

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Inside my car

23 responses to “WordPress weekly photo challenge: Inside… with a twist

  1. So sorry to hear you had that happen. Glad no one was hurt, though! But I know how hectic life can be, and having to deal with things like this can really put a crimp on one’s routine (and pocketbook). I hope it goes smoothly for you.

  2. I couldn’t even like this, because that’ a bummer to get hit. Sorry. Glad you’re all okay, but I don’t envy you the phone calls with insurance agents for a while. Ick!

  3. That’s awful! I was happy to get to the part where you let us know that everyone was OK!

  4. Glad you’re OK . . . but sorry the CRASH caused your to have to shift plans.

    • Unfortunately the paperwork, phone calls and uncertain schedule are still going on until the claim gets approved and I can get my car in the repair job. The appraiser told me today that my car is extremely unsafe to drive as the wheel may come off at any time, so I had to get a rental car tonight.

  5. Wow! It’s so crazy when something like that happens, like a very surreal dream. I’m glad everyone stayed safe inside there and hope it all gets taken care of quickly with the start of the new week.

    • Surreal is the perfect way to describe it. It really took my brain a few seconds to realize what happened. I have a feeling the other driver is dragging his feet to call his insurance, and until he admits cause, his insurance won’t approve my claim. After 4 days, this is getting ridiculous.

  6. Glad you’re okay…all of you. :-)

  7. Thank goodness you and your kids were safe and no injuries!

  8. That is a scary experience. Thank God you and your kids are safe. Now, I have to pay attention during Friday the 13th. Have a wonderful weekend. Best wishes to your family.

  9. I hope you car gets fix soon and the insurance worries fix as well. I had a minor accident this year too. Hit my neighbors car while backing out. The insurance took care of it immediately but my next insurance monthly bill went up. First accident in 11 years. Have a blessed weekend.

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