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WordPress weekly photo challenge: Arranged

Have you noticed how little kids enjoy arranging their toys a certain way? They tend to align them one by one in a long straight line, establish patterns, or put them in a circle. Why they can be so neat while playing but leave a complete mess when they’re done is beyond me. Unfortunately, I’ve never taken a picture of such toy arrangements with my kids, but when I saw WordPress’s weekly photo challenge theme, I knew exactly which photo to pick for the occasion.

I’m going to say something that may sound foreign to you if you don’t live in the Southwest U.S., but the San Diego skies can go for months without displaying a single cloud. As a kid growing up in the suburbs of Paris, I LOVED looking at puffy clouds and find familiar shapes. Even though these opportunities are rare today, I still love to look up and encourage my kids to look for shapes with me. Here’s another look at an elephant cloud I spotted once, in case you missed it the first time (and if you missed my orange chicken pig, I promise you it’s worth seeing).

Since San Diego doesn’t get much rain, fluffy clouds are rare and instead we often get a low cover of grey clouds. We didn’t get a lot of rain this past winter but I still enjoyed seeing a good amount of puffy clouds. And one special day I happened to spot clouds in a very unusual pattern. I was driving on the freeway and had a less than average cell phone camera with me, which doesn’t do the scenery justice. But I still felt compelled to capture the moment. I present you a train of clouds. Just like the “twelve little girls in two straight lines” in the children’s book Madeline, these puffy little clouds were arranged in one long straight line, way longer than what my camera was able to capture. Who knew clouds could be so docile?

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: Arranged

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: Arranged