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Heading eastbound for spring break

In a couple of days, my boys and I will be boarding a plane heading to Washington, D.C. for a two-week trip to the Mid Atlantic states. We’ve been wanting to take this trip for a long time and almost went last year. I was concerned my youngest may be too young to not only enjoy, but also remember the trip, so we waited until he turned six this year to schedule it.

Cherry blossoms in Washington DC - courtesy of Jet Blue

Cherry blossoms in Washington DC – courtesy of Jet Blue

I didn’t start packing seriously until yesterday, and believe me, packing for three people for a two-week trip is quite a puzzle. Especially the guessing part about how many light, warm and very warm layers I need to bring for each of us. Apparently spring weather on the East Coast includes snow, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed the weather will warm up a bit before our arrival. We’ve had rain in San Diego these past couple of days, so I can’t even take the California weather with us. The cherry trees are supposed to be blooming in D.C. at the time of our visit but we’ll see what Mother Nature has in store for us.

We’ll be staying several days outside of D.C. to visit the city and parts of Maryland, then travel to Delaware to spend the weekend with my best friend, and then head south to Virginia and enjoy some of the most beautifully green places the US has to offer. Oh, and check out George Washington’s fake teeth at Mount Vernon. We can’t miss that.

I’ve got a good list of things we want to see and do during our visit but I’d like to ask for your input. What do you think should be on our list that may not be that obvious? What is a cool place to go in that area? What don’t we want to miss? I can’t wait to see what you recommend.