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Goofy Monday: Animal mix-up

There are always plenty of interesting conversations going on at the house. Here are a few of them grouped under the theme “animal mix-up”.

dolphinDolphin tales
Son #2: “I can run really fast. Faster than a dolphin!”
Me: “I bet you can!”
I think he’s got to refine his animal analogies…

The other white meat
Son #2: “If you eat turkey, you eat pig.”
Son #1: “No, you eat turkey!”
I guess that’s what happens when I serve turkey bacon to my kids without explaining that it actually comes from a turkey.

True lies
Me: “Did you know the female peregrine falcon is larger than the male?” (reading a sign)
Son #2: “You’re LYING!!”
Sorry, son, the truth hurts more than the lies sometimes.

How to confuse your mom
My kids and I enjoy playing the 20-question game, when one of us picks an animal and the others ask yes-or-no questions to guess the animal. It was Son #2’s turn to pick an animal for us to guess.
Son #1: “Is it an insect?”
Son #2: “Yes! Actually, it’s a reptile.”
Me: “Is it a bird?”
Son #2: “Yes!”
Can you guess it’s quite a challenge to play this game?