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Goofy Monday: understanding the human body

It’s been a while since I’ve written a Goofy Monday post and it’s more because I haven’t found the time than because of a lack of materials. Yep, never a dull moment at our house… Today I decided I would share a few funny things that my kids have said revolving around the human body.



Kids know when they’re full
Me: ” Do you want something else to eat for dinner?”
Son #2: “I’m full. If I eat any more food, I’m going to get fat.”
I can’t argue with that perfect logic.

The best way to lose weight
Son #2: “Can kids lose weight?”
Son #1: “Yes, by pooping.”
Again, I can’t argue with that perfect logic. I think my kids have figured out what it takes to gain and lose weight the easy way.

The diuretic effects of tea
Me: “I want to drink some tea before we leave home.”
Son #1: “Oh, that means you’re gonna have to go pee soon.”
I have nothing to say in my defense. The kid knows I have to find a bathroom everywhere we go.

Steven Tyler – The (wo)man in Epic
Son #1: “Mama, do you know Steven Tyler?”
Me: “Yes.”
Son #1: “She’s a really ugly woman.”
Me: “Really? You do know he’s a guy, right?”
Son #1: “Huh?”
I can’t blame my son for being confused about Steven Tyler. He drew his conclusion from watching this interview for the very funny animated movie Epic. I think my son is right. Man or woman, Tyler is quite an eyesore in this video. I’m not sure if the bright pink lipstick is supposed to help.