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Abbott recalls some Similac brand powder infant formulas

Abbott recalls Similac powder infant formula

Abbott recalls Similac powder infant formula

I have no idea why I received Similac’s baby powder formula recall letter in the mail earlier this week. I have never used or bought Similac infant formula so I’m not sure where they got my address and why they would think I’m a Similac user. My boys are two and a half and four years old by the way, way past formula age! My guess is that Similac got my contact information from the hospital where I had my first child, since they kindly donated Similac samples on my way out the door (read my post on Breastfeeding – a tale of two hospitals for more on that topic). Or the birth record County Office has sold my information to a number of third parties. That wouldn’t be a surprise since the California DMV already does sell driver contact information to third parties to round up the numbers (and don’t ask to opt out, because it’s not an option!).

This recall doesn’t affect me but it may affect you or someone you know, so please get the word around. Unless you signed to receive recall notices on the US FDA website, you may not hear about such recalls.

Apparently, some small beetles may have made their way into the cans of formula during the manufacturing process. We all know that insects sometimes manage to appear into our processed food (yummy crunch!), but for baby formulas, it’s not only gross, it’s also unsafe, since little babies’ intestinal tracks may get irritated from the foreign food elements.

For more information on this Similar recall, visit the Similac recall web page to identify the lot numbers that are affected and what you need to do if you’re one of the unlucky ones. We always hear that breast is best, but I’ve never been given the “bug” reason before!

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