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Voluntary recall of Medela Pump in Style breastpumps

Medela Pump in Style breastpump

Medela Pump in Style breastpump

Some of you may have heard through the rumor mill that Medela issued a voluntary recall on a selected amount of its Pump in Style breastpumps. There is no official recall through the US Consumer Safety Product Commission as the recalled pumps don’t cause any harm to individuals. All it looks like is a bunch of possibly defective breastpumps, and a great company accepting the defects and offering replacements.

Here’s what can happen with the defective Medela Pump in Style breastpumps:

  • the pump will not turn on,
  • the pump turns off on its own
  • the pump reduces or loses suction during the pumping process, or
  • the pump is making a clicking noise

Medela is offering to replace defective pumps at no cost. Breastpumps were manufactured between February 10, 2010 and March 3, 2010, so I’m guessing very few moms are affected by this problem.

For complete details about the Medela breastpump recall, including the serial numbers of the breastpumps being recalled, just visit the Medela website recall page.

I personally used a Medela Pump in Style breastpump to pump milk for both of my boys several times a day as I was working full time, and I never experienced any problems with the pump. It’s very durable and I would recommend it to any mom who needs a serious breastpump.

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