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WordPress weekly photo challenge: Silhouette

I like this week’s photo challenge theme. Not because of the theme itself but because of the word. Silhouette, from the French silhouette. It’s actually one French word English people pronounce almost correctly. Silhouette rhymes with pirouette, and cacahouete. That’s French for peanut (not potty talk) and there’s even a French children’s song called “Pirouette, cacahouete”, where these two words have no reason to be there except that they rhyme and are funny to say.

I’m very good at taking pictures of silhouettes, especially when it comes to trees. I have a knack for trying to photograph trees when the sun is at its highest in the sky and I happen to stand on the wrong side, i.e. facing it. This is exactly how to photograph the silhouette on a tree. On purpose, of course.  ;-)

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: silhouette of a tree

WordPress weekly photo challenge: silhouette of a tree

And then there’s this picture I took of my kids a few weeks ago. They noticed the sun was starting to go down earlier and the backyard was getting pretty dark after dinner. So they pulled out their safety vests, put them on and stood against the fence for me to take a picture of them. I labeled them “the biggest specimens of fireflies in the world”. You can barely see their silhouettes around the safety vests.

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: silhouette of children

WordPress weekly photo challenge: silhouette of children

Now, my simple advice to you if you don’t want to take pictures of silhouettes is this. Either stay with the sun in your back when you snap that picture, or use the flash. Simple enough, but I never do it!