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Goofy Monday: Playing ninja

Let me start this post by sharing a couple of links to my nature photography website:
– You can view my contribution to the WordPress weekly photo challenge on “from above”, which includes raindrops, flowers and butterflies.
– If you like roses, you’ll want to take a look at my Macro Monday contribution, which features several very colorful roses I photographed in San Diego’s Balboa Park yesterday. Here’s one, ust to give you a taste. I took more photos and I’ll feature them in upcoming posts, including one tomorrow.

Yellow rose in San Diego's Balboa Park

Yellow rose in San Diego’s Balboa Park

And now, without any further interruption, let’s get back to Goofy Monday. I know you’ve been craving for it. ;-)

My seven-year old LOVEs ninjas – everything and anything related to them. So a lot of his imaginary play revolves around this theme. Did you know Batman went through ninja training? Apparently the Batman costume I bought my son for last year’s Halloween makes for a great ninja costume too, which is very convenient for my wallet. Of course, I’m usually clueless about this ninja play and the results can be embarrassing.

Ninja Hide-Out
Me (seeing my son glued to a wall around the corner): “What are you doing here?”
Son #1 (whispering): “Quiet, I’m ninjaing.”
Me: “Oops, sorry…”

By the way, expect to see a new addition in the Webster dictionary soon:
Ninja (verb): to spy, to hide in secret, until your clueless mom blows your cover.

Ninja Concentration
Ninjas obviously need a lot of quiet time so they can concentrate, especially when they perform difficult skills.
Me: “Boys, let’s talk about what we want to do this weekend.”
Son #1: “Quiet, please. We’re having a competition.”
Should I mention it was a clementine peeling competition? Hey, I’m just glad they can peel their own clementines so I don’t have to!

Ninja Manners
The good thing about ninjas is, they seem to have good manners. Even when their mom doesn’t.
Son #2: “What’s that you’re making?”
Son #1: “I’ll show you, as soon as Mama gets a little bit out of the way.” (my arm was in the way)
I’ll take that any day over “Move, Mama, mooooove!”

Of course, Ninja Boy is very creative. He has to be, if he wants to outsmart his enemies. As I mentioned in last week’s post, he’s been writing his first books, on ninjas of course. He’s the writer and the illustrator of a series of 12 short books (shame on me for planning to write just one this year). I’ve offered him to lay out all his paper books on the computer, so we can make real books out of them (in print and electronic format). I’m planning to have one of these books printed for his birthday and he’s very excited to see it come to life. After that, he can start promoting his book on his own. ;-)

Here’s what he created a few weeks ago when he started his series. He has no idea he actually put together an ad for his book series but I love the idea of it! (I apologize for the poor quality, this was a quick photo job)

Ad for ninja book

Ad for ninja book

Have your kids ever created something  you thought deserved to be shown to a larger public?