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What does it take to be happy?

Sometimes it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed as parents. Actually it doesn’t take much to throw you off balance.  There’s so much going on with the kids, whether it’s their health (I spent half of last Saturday in the ER with my oldest, with more doctor’s appointments to come), their feelings, or their moods. Add to that trying to keep the house clean and running… Hey, who ate the rest of the veggies? Who forget to put toilet paper on the shopping list? And for many of us, trying to hold a job and keep a sane mind in front of our co-workers is the ultimate challenge. Oh, and let’s not forget trying to keep our husbands happy, or at least limit their crankiness…

To all moms and dads (and other adults) out there who could use a little pick-me-up on this Monday, I’d like to share the video below with you. Sometimes, it’s worth taking five minutes to stop and smell the roses. What does it take for us to be happy? Do we need to buy more stuff? Do we need to do things differently? Or maybe just see them differently? Would we benefit from a drastic change, or are even small ones beneficial?

I ran across a very interesting blog yesterday, I Am My Own Cause, written by a man named Charles Poole, who is currently redifining his life, day by day. He walked away from a very comfortable income and stable job, knowing there had to be something else for him in store, something better, something bigger. So many of us think the same but fear to make a change and take our own journey to discover our personal calling. I myself am going through this transition. I owe it to myself and to my kids to live a meaningful and passionate life. Some days are easier than others, but to me this video is the perfect spoonful of sugar that make the medecine go down. Enjoy and carpe diem!

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