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Like father, like son

I want to take the time to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and comments regarding my husband, who is still being treated for a traumatic head injury in the hospital (you can read what happened to him here if you missed it last week). I’ve been taking care of the boys by myself at home and my father-in-law is supposed to travel here shortly after my husband gets home to help out with his son and his rehab.

Taking care of two little active boys is quite a challenge on a normal basis and this hectic situation hasn’t helped but we manage from day to day. Last night, my three-year old found nothing better than jumping up on the bed and hit his brother’s head with his own forehead. His elder brother fared better than him and had no apparent swelling, but the little one ended up with a nice round bump on his forehead. We have ice packs in the freezer just for that. And in my opinion, we use them way too much.

Gosh, is he struggling to get some attention or what? I swear the kid is as reckless as his dad. He’s not even four yet so I guess he has an excuse to explain his poor judgement. I just hope he gets to grow out of it sooner than his father.

In the meantime, I think we probably should get this book at the library. What do you think?

Mr Bump by Roger Hargreaves

Mr Bump by Roger Hargreaves

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