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Wait, is that a double rainbow, in San Diego?

Double Rainbow in San Diego on September 30, 2010

Double Rainbow in San Diego on September 30, 2010

A couple of weeks ago, more specifically on September 30, 2010 (you can see how behind I am on writing my posts!), the San Diego area was hit by a major thunderstorm that lasted from morning to evening. You may think, what’s the big deal? So let me explain a few things about life in Southern California:

1) This was our first rain in about six months, so it always makes us feel a little giddy the first time it happens.
2) San Diego’s usual rain is medium to large-size rain drops, with no thunder.
3) Thunder and lightning are very rare and occur once or twice a year, tops.
4) Rainbows almost never happen. Yep, somehow you can see a rainbow every day in Ireland, but here, you’re lucky if you see one every other year.

That’s why September 30 is a day that will go down in history for most San Diego residents. Oh yeah, and I again managed not to have a camera on me to document it… Fortunately for me, there’s YouTube, where the people that are better equipped than me can capture these events!

That evening, I decided to take my youngest out while his brother and his dad attended a Padres game at Petco Park. That’s the day I took him to Barnes & Noble to read the latest and greatest Knuffle Bunny Free, followed by dinner for two at Panda Express (yummy chicken and green beans!).

As we were finishing dinner, I glanced at the mix of bright light and darkness coming from outside and told my son we’d have to look out for a rainbow. Not a second after I finished saying that, I saw it through the restaurant’s wide window. Oh my gosh, the largest rainbow I’d ever seen! We packed up our stuff and went outside. Standing in a light rain with our raincoat hoods on, we stared at not only the largest rainbow I’ve ever seen, but the largest DOUBLE rainbow I have seen in my whole life!!!

Here’s someone else’s video to prove that I’m not making this up!

Pretty cool, huh? Alright, let me go on. By walking a few more steps, we managed to see the double rainbow from one very end to the other. We literally saw each end rising from the ground to create the brightest full double rainbow ever recorded on this planet (seriously, it had to be!). It was so bright that I felt the urge to jump in my car and drive to the end of the rainbow as I could almost see where the giant pots of gold were shining from!

Now, the only words that came out of my mouth during this whole experience were “oh my gosh!”, “this never happens!”, this is so special!”, “a full double rainbow!”. How do I know? Because that’s what my son kept repeating the rest of the evening after we got home… Kids are quite perceptive, even at an early age!

That night, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I saw and the reason why this full double rainbow appeared in front of us. Some pretty big changes have occurred recently in my professional life (I’ll share at a later date) and the rain and the silver lining really looked as a sign that life is good and bright, and a gentle reminder that we must live every moment that we have in this world to the fullest.

I guess I’m not the only one who gets to question my life’s purpose when I see a full double rainbow. Remember the double rainbow guy on YouTube? Here’s Hungry Bear for you to enjoy if you missed it:

“Oh my god, a double rainbow all the way across the sky! What does this mean?” You go, Hungry Bear! I really understand how you felt on that day. I may even have cried like you if I had been by myself. After all, I had just read the ending of Knuffle Bunny Free less than an hour before that, so my tears were ready to come out anytime!

Hungry Bear is a normal guy with a great sense of humor who managed to gain his 15 minutes of fame by “remaking” his rainbow video for a Microsoft commercial. Take a look, this is really funny if you haven’t seen it!

As I said in a previous post (Happy birthday, little man!), “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” THAT was a breathless moment. I’ll leave you with one of my favorite rainbow songs, sung by our own San Diego neighbor, Jason Mraz.

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