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WWW Wednesdays – March 21, 2012

WWW Wednesdays

Fortunately my kids have had more time to read books than me this past week. At this point I’m mentally and physically exhausted so I’ll give you a quick update. Even if time constraints can get it the way, the important part is enjoying the reading while it lasts.

My bookshelf

– What I’m currently reading
I’m still reading The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey by Trenton Lee StewartThe Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey by Trenton Lee Stewart. I’ve also started  The Awakening by Kate Chopin since I need to finish it before my book club meeting next Monday (argh…).
– What I recently finished reading
Nothing since last week. :-(

– What I think I’ll read next
The Necromancer (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel) by Michael Scott, the sequel to The Sorceress, which I finished a couple of weeks ago. I’ll then still have to read two more books to finish this amazing series and the last one isn’t coming out until May 2012.
My kids’ bookshelf

How to potty train your monsterWhat they’re currently reading
Snarlyhissopus by Alan MacDonald. This hilarious story shows how quickly you can distort a name, starting with “hippopotamus” and ending up with “snarlyhissopus” while scaring to death half a jungle along the way.
How To Potty Train Your Monster by Kelly DiPucchio. This potty-training guide is a must-have for little kids and their mothers everywhere going through the potty-training stage, or those of us past this stage for a good laugh.
When A Monster Is Born by Sean Taylor. I love this monster story exploring the possibilities from the day a monstern is born. Each page starts with “there are two possibilities. Either… or…”, both pretty absurd. The author picks the second option and goes on with the story. A fun concept for kids to explore.

What they recently finished reading
Lines that Wiggle by Candace Whitman. A great book to show kids the different things lines can do, from curve and curl to zigzag. And kids can follow the path of the glittery lines with their finger.
Bunnies On The Go : Getting From Place To Place by Rick Walton. Rick Walton has had a lifelong love affair with the English language and how he tries to pass  along his passion in all the children’s books he writes. In this one, the bunny family takes a trip using many different types of transportation (car, train, balloon, tractor, etc), all in rhyme with a hint on the previous page.
Suddenly, Alligator : An Adverbial Tale by Rick Walton. A very funny story about a boy who happens to run into a hungry alligator, with a new adverb used to describe the scene on every page.

– What I think they’ll read next
I requested a number of books about Easter so hopefully we’ll start getting some of them soon.

What about you? Any books you or your kids are reading you’d like to share?

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