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More thoughts on sensible parenting and the trouble with hovering parents

The trouble with hovering parenting

The trouble with hovering parenting

A week ago, I shared my thoughts on what makes a resilient and perseverent kid, who can grow up to become a person armed with a no-can’t-do attitude. I would like to thank everyone who provided feedback and shared their own experience as a parent. In particular I’d like to say thanks to Kristen at Motherese for sharing a wonderful article from The Atlantic Monthly on this very topic.

I found this article quite insightful and the people I shared it with enjoyed reading it too, so I thought I may as well share the link to this article titled “How to land your kid in therapy” right here and see what you think. The main point of this article is, if you do everything to make your child’s childhood happy and as painless as possible, you may end up with an adult who can’t face challenges and failures. Go figure! As parents we all want our kids to be happy and enjoy life, but by doing that, they may not be happy and enjoy life as adults.  I especially like the part about organized sports, where coaches are starting to find ways to reward ALL of the kids on the team. Yes, it is getting that ridiculous.

Enjoy this very complete article and share it with other parents who want to do the best for their kids. Life is full of surprises, many of which can be unpleasant, so the biggest favor we can do our kids as parents  is to teach them how to best face the bumps on the road.

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