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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to you and your family! This is one day of the year I feel sorry for all the school teachers out there, who have to put up with super excited kids the whole day. The other day I feel sorry for them is tomorrow, when the same kids will display their sugar crash and tiredness for going to bed too late tonight.

I’m taking two stealth ninjas trick-or-treating tonight. They’ll be heavily armed with plastic nunchucks and daggers (technically they might be Japanese sai, I’ll have to check with the experts). I feel sorry for those people who aren’t ready to hand out candy right when we ring their doorbell and bang on their door. Hi-yah!

Ninja costumes for Halloween

Ninja costumes for Halloween

I took this picture at the school’s Halloween fair last week. Note to self: arrive at the Halloween fair much earlier next year, before all the good candy runs out.

For the lucky ones who will be coming to our door for trick-or-treating, our super cool surface carved pumpkins will meet them first. This is the first year I’ve tried to surface carve pumpkins and although it was a practice run, it was a lot of fun so I think we’ll do it again next year. The boys choose their pumpkin designs. Note the ongoing ninja theme…

Surface carved pumpkins

Surface carved pumpkins

We’ll be leaving our Halloween candy bowl out and have kids help themselves to it since we won’t be out trick-or-treating ourselves. I leave a note asking them to take 2 or 3 things, and believe it or not, they really don’t take more. Thank you, parents, for making our candy bowl last!

Our Halloween bowl is actually not just full of candy. I gather all the leftover party favors, toys, games and other giveaways I buy throughout the year for birthday parties and school events, and I toss them in the Halloween bowl. Although many kids do expect candy for Halloween, they love to see they can also pick activity books, stickers, tattoos, and little games from our bowl.

Halloween bowl with candy and toys

Halloween bowl with candy and toys

I’m looking forward to an evening of fun and I can’t wait for tomorrow, when I can finally take the gross spider web down. Argh, I hate spiders…

Halloween spider web decorations

Halloween spider web decorations

I’m doing the Halloweensie contest because it scares me!

Happy Halloween 2013!

Happy Halloween 2013! (Microsoft Clipart)

Nancy at Spirit Lights the Way stopped by my blog earlier today and encouraged me to participate in Susanna Leonard Hill’s  2nd Annual Halloweensie Contest. Obviously Nancy doesn’t realize Halloween is my least favorite holiday, as I explained why on my photography website today.But heck, I enjoy a good challenge. Of course, it doesn’t mean I produce good results! The boys and I have been telling Halloween jokes on each other so I decided to use them in this story. Here’s a little Halloween humor for you in less than 100 words and using the words “witch”, “bat” and “trick-or-treat”, if you don’t like the scary part of this holiday so much.

Spooky Laughs

Hi, I’m Hazel, witch in training, and I love to tell jokes. I’ll be practicing them on the trick-or-treating kids tonight. If they guess right, they’ll get candy. Otherwise I’ll scare the heck out of them! Want to hear a few? Here we go!

“Why don’t bats fly under ladders?”
“Because it’s bat luck.”

“What do panda ghosts eat?”

“Why don’t skeletons go to parties?”
“Because they have no body to dance with.”

“What does a ghost call his mom and dad?
“His transparents.”

You’d better remember these because you never know whose door you’ll be knocking on tonight…