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My boy is graduating from preschool tonight

graduating from preschoolYes, you read this right. My oldest is graduating from preschool tonight during an official ceremony. The whole class will be giving a well-rehearsed performance, including songs, sight word recognition and some other secret activities my son won’t tell me about. The kids will be wearing cute graduation hats they get to keep, and they’ll receive a graduation certificate. Of course, no preschool graduation ceremony is complete without cake and apple juice. That’s all kids need to stock up on, tons of sugar an hour before bedtime…

Buzz Lightyear pyjamasWhen I first heard about this preschool graduation ceremony, I couldn’t help but chuckle. I honestly had never heard of such a thing. And the timing seems a little off since preschool will  still be in session for two months, until kindergarten starts. But then again, why not celebrate a milestone in our children’s lifelong learning voyage? For me, entering the public school system marks the end of a fun, grade-free, stress-free era. Pre-K kids need all the encouragement they can get, and I think parents do too.

Here’s a funny fact about this graduation ceremony. My son happened to mention he would wear his Buzz Lightyear pyjamas for the event. “Wait, at a graduation ceremony, are you sure???” “Yes, the teacher said we should dress up.” Ah, the English language can be so subtle… So I checked with his teacher to find the origin of the confusion. She did tell the kids to “dress up”, not realizing a boy may understand it as “wear a costume” rather than “dress nicely”. Since my son was expecting to attend a costume party, I suggested she clarify to the class what types of outfits were appropriate for the event.

Mo Willem's Gerald and Piggie book I'm invited to a partyThis reminds me of a very funny Mo Willem’s Gerald and Piggie book called “I Am Invited to a Party”. Piggie doesn’t know what to wear for her first party and Gerald helps her go through a series of possibilities. What if it’s a costume party? Wait. What if it’s a pool party? How will she know the proper attire to wear? If you have kids between 3 and 6, you should read this book to them, they’ll love it.

My husband happens to be on a business trip this week, so he’ll miss the ceremony. This means I’ll have to manage my squirmy three-year old to keep him sitted while I try to take photos and videos of the event. How many times do you think I’ll be saying “please sit down” tonight? I think I’m the one who’ll need the cake most when this is all over. Wish me luck.

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