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Goofy Monday: How about some duel immersion?

I received such positive feedback for my Goofy Monday post last week, I’ve decided to aim at making it a regular feature on my blog. I don’t know if this will be a weekly or bi-weekly feature, as it will depend on the amount of materials I can gather. Fingers crossed!

My little guy is turning five today, so I’m making the birthday boy the star of this post. He’s quite a funny guy.

Last night, as we were reading books, he reached over, gave me a big kiss and said this:
“I love you very much! I’m in love with you. And I’m not going to have girlfriends for a very long time.”

Haha, you’ve got to love a boy turning five! When I told him I didn’t expect him to have a girlfriend until he was 25, his brother came to the rescue and said he can have one when he’s a teenager. I can’t wait…

Last week we went to Michael’s, the arts & craft store, to take a look at the Easter / Spring decorations. That’s where my son spotted something very interesting on the shelf. He grabbed the item, took a serious look at it and exclaims:
“Look, Mama, it’s a chicken pooping Easter eggs. I’ve wanted one for soooooo long, and it’s finally here!”

The pooping chicken – it’s every kid’s dream come true.

Goofy Monday: chicken pooping Easter eggs

Goofy Monday: chicken pooping Easter eggs

A few days ago, my kid decided to accessorize his fingers. He proudly showed the result as he said:
“Look, I’ve got a super long finger nail!”
Coming from a kid who bites not only all his finger nails, but also his toe nails, I think he’s got quite a sense of humor. And look, he can use his new finger nail as a toothpick.

Goofy Monday: super long finger nail

Goofy Monday: super long finger nail

I’ll end this post with an example of the dangers of homophones. I offer lessons in French and English to students here and there, and I’m listed on a tutoring website. That’s where I recently found this request from a parent looking for help for her child:

“I need someone to help my kindergartener with her homework. She’s in a duel immersion school, English and Spanish.”

It made me wonder what a duel immersion school is. If Harry Potter learns about wizardry at Hogwarts, do you learn to duel with swords and pistols in duel immersion school?

Or do you learn to duel with words, Spanish or one side, English on the other?

Or maybe that’s simply where the immigration debate in the US has brought us today. Duel immersion: the hidden danger of immigration…

How would you explain duel immersion?