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What happened to 2010?

2010 2011 countdown

Countdown to 2011!

Wow, I have to admit it, the past couple of months have gone by in a blur. Actually I’m not really sure what happened to 2010… Now that only 17 days are left in the year, it’s time to reflect on the good, the bad and the ugly that 2010 brought to me and my family.  I blogged about some of those events, and still need to do so for others. So here we go, in no particular order:

My four-year-old son got his tonsils and adenoids out, and gained over an inch, several pounds and tons of energy within a couple of months. Love it!

● He also started a new preschool this summer and I couldn’t be happier about the new school, where he learns a lot every day while having fun. Score!

● My youngest broke his front tooth, requiring a crown. Six months later, he broke that crown and needed another one. Bummer!

● This same little guy could barely put a few words together at the start of 2010, just before he turned two. Today, he speaks in long sentences, sometimes garnished with his favorite swear words (e.g. “Where did you put my f#$%ing triceratops?”). I’m almost proud!

● We took our first family trip overseas to Europe. Exhausting, but full of memories!

I turned 40 and survived it!

● I got my first crown. Dental crown, I mean. I didn’t become royalty, not even of the b-i-t-c-h club. That happened several years ago.

● I started the year with an injured back that got better after several months, only to injure it again a few weeks ago. Hate it!

● I took a new job in January that promised more money, great responsibilities and a good career path. It turned out to be nothing like the job I was sold. I mean, told. I got a way out in September. Lucky!

● I’m now spending two weekdays a week with my youngest and will add my oldest to those days starting in January 2011. I didn’t know how much I missed being with my kids until recently. Precious!

● I started my own freelance marketing copywriting business, something I’ve wanted to do for a while. Happy!

● I just launched a new website I’m very passionate about, BuyProductsFromFrance.com, to fill a gap on the internet by helping French expatriates and French enthusiasts find French products online. Very excited!

● I’ve decided to create a new blog for 2011 to capture my daily sightings of cows (check out Every day I see a cow and Did you know they have cows at SeaWorld? for the daily cow sighting theory). I want to test this theory once and for all, and I think it will be fun. Stay tuned for the new blog announcement! Completely useless, but adventurous and fun!

● After seven and a half years together, my partner and I are tying the knot in January, mostly for tax purposes, since I’m probably going to be poor for a while… Smart!

I’m glad the end of 2010 is near but I wouldn’t take away anything bad that happened this year (well, except for the back pain and the dental issues!). Each challenge gives us the opportunity to think about where we want to take our lives next. For me, these 2010 events have forced me to reconsider the right balance between work and life at home. Work now means doing something I really enjoy and am passionate about, rather than solely focus on career and status. Life at home means spending quality time with my kids and taking a few minutes every day to smell the roses. Hmm, I’d forgotten how wonderful they smelled…

DECEMBER 31, 2010 UPDATE – The brand new “Every day I see a cow” blog is up and running, just in time to document daily cow sightings in 2011! Take a look and let me know what you think. “Every day I see a cow” is also on Facebook, so feel free to visit the page, like it, and share your own cow sightings with everyone. The more, the merrier!

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