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My “Every day I see a cow” blog is being showcased on WordPress!

In early January 2011, I took the WordPress challenge to post every day of 2011 on my “Every day I see a cow” blog (I would never attempt such a challenge for this blog!). I figured it would be a great motivator, especially since my goal is to report my personal daily sightings of cow.

Today I almost fell off my chair when I saw on the WordPress daily update that my “Every day I see a cow” blog was featured in the “10 WordPress theme blogs that rock“! All I can say is, HOLY COW! (no pun intended).

I’m glad to see that other people think that cows rock and it’s nice to have visitors stop by and learn about my daily cow sighting experiment. As a parent, I feel we have so many responsibilities resting on our shoulders every single day of our busy lives. It’s nice to find a way to do something out of our range of daily chores and activities. My kids have been having a lot of fun pointing out “Mama’s cow of the day” since I’ve started this challenge. It’s been a daily family fun activity for several weeks, and now they have even come up with “Papa’s pig of the day”, since their dad is convinced we see pigs every day. I actually think he’s got something going with this…

Oh, if you think you don’t see a cow every day, here’s one for you, just to remove any doubt you may have!

Every day you see a cow

Every day you see a cow

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