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WordPress weekly photo challenge: Together

As soon as I found out this week’s theme for the WordPress photo challenge was “together”, I knew my boys would be my subject of choice.

They were born 19 months apart, which means my eldest has no memories of ever being an only child. It also means they’re close enough in age to share a lot. I have a six-year difference with my sister and it clearly affected our bonding. We always played with different toys, went to different schools, had different friends… So when I embarked on the exciting journey of motherhood, I knew I wanted to have my children close in age and to give them a chance to bond.

Fast forward a few years later. They’re now age four and age five, at least for a few more months when my eldest will turn six. They play, make up their own adventures, role play, dress up and play hide-and-seek together. They tell each other jokes and play pranks. They read the same books and watch the same movies together. They tell each other about their day at school – a lot more than what they directly share with me! They help each other, give each other advice and offer praise. Sometimes they might even share food (with a little push encouragement). And the best of all, they give each other hugs, and sometimes even kisses, without prompting, showing how much they care. Ah, that brotherly love… Of course, there are plenty of time when they argue, and fight over toys. But hey, isn’t that what brothers are for, too?

The funniest thing about their relationship is, they don’t realize how close they are to each other. Whenever I ask who their best friend is, they’ll name someone in their class. If I mention their brother, they’ll say, he’s my brother, not my best friend! I feel so blessed being able to witness their relationship blosson every day in its own special ways.

Were you close to your siblings in your childhood? How did these relationships evolve as all of you turn into adults?

Brothers looking for Easter eggs together

Brothers looking for Easter eggs together

I took this photo at the regional park where we go hiking, by the entrance. They got up there on their own… It’s pretty high from where I stand but there’s a slope behind the rock.

Brothers sitting on top of a rock together

This has to be one of my very FAVORITE pictures of the two of them playing in the backyard. Doesn’t it make you want to be a kid all over again?

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: Together