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“101 in 1001” challenge – September 2011 update

It’s taken me way too long to find the time to write this update but I’m finally doing it! Since this is an August update, I’m using August 31 as my latest update date for tracking purposes, even though I’ve managed to get a few more things done so far this September.

With the kids being out of school two weeks in August, picking up a new client and working on a large writing project for another, August hasn’t been a very productive month. But this is the very reason why I love this “101 in 1001” challenge. Since I have 1001 days to get everything done, I don’t beat yourself up if not much happens every single month.

We’ve got quite a few newcomers to the challenge. Feel free to visit them and view their own 101 in 1001 lists by clicking on the links in my right sidebar. Welcome, everyone!

Here’s my August 2011 update and my main accomplishments:

34) Spend 3 hours a day on writing activities (paid or not) during the week, 2 hours a day on weekends (70/1001)
Because of ongoing writing projects with a client and a writing class I’ve been taking, along with blogging on my two personal blogs, I’ve spent quite a lot of time writing this month. Something very challenging when I sometimes have little time for it but this experience has proven me it’s possible to squeeze things in. At least some days…

41) Join a book club (1/1) – DONE
I joined my first book club in August and attended my first meeting. It felt great to be able to discuss a book I’ve read with other people. Most of the time, nobody else is reading the same books I am at the same time so I’m glad I’ve made this commitment. I’ve still been able to read a new book almost every week, along with many new books with my kids. Joining a book club was the natural next step.

61) Have 10 family picnics (1/10)
I took my kids to Balboa Park recently for a museum visit, where I ended up spotting typos that won’t be fixed. Afterwards we sat down on the lawn in the park for a picnic. This was a good test to see how the kids would handle a different setting for lunch. Let’s just say they ate until they were not starving anymore, then stood up and started walking around. This tells me I’ll need to find a quieter, less distracting spot for our next picnic.

On the health side, I’ve been pretty bad getting enough sleep at night, taking vitamins every day and limiting my Diet Coke and caffeine intake (to compensate for the lack of sleep). Now that we’re starting a new routine with kids in school, I hope I can find my own routine and schedule to make these things a priority.

As I said earlier I’ve taking a writing class but since I didn’t finish it by the end of August, I’ll cross it off in September. I really hope September allows me to accomplish a few more tasks. So far, things have been pretty chaotic this month, so I can’t tell for sure… Isn’t it what life is all about?

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