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I believe in Santa Claus and you will too!

Merry Christmas cat in a Santa hat

Merry Christmas cat in a Santa hat

Last night I read one of the most wonderful Christmas stories of all times. It’s so wonderful I thought I’d share it with you and I’m sure you’ll want to share it too. I read this story on the San Diego KPBS website .

Take a minute to read this story about a cat named Merry Christmas (no, I’m not making this up) and just in case you were doubting, you’ll truly believe there is a Santa Claus.


San Diego, CA, December 22, 2011

A Merry Christmas came a couple of days early for a 7-year-old Oceanside girl who received exactly what she wanted today — the return of her missing cat.

The 4-year-old tabby that belongs to the Hess family is appropriately named “Merry Christmas,” Kelli Herwehe of the Humane Society said.

“He went missing the day after Halloween, and the family had just about given up,” Herwehe said. “(The girl) went to see Santa Claus last week and the only thing she asked for is for the cat to come home.”

As it turned out, a good Samaritan found Merry Christmas and took him to the Humane Society on Sunday. Herwehe said the feline was identified through a microchip and returned to the Hess clan.

Animal services officials encourage pet owners to get microchips in case their animals disappear. Several pets have been reunited with their owners this year after going missing for long periods of time, thanks to the tiny computer chips.


How amazing is that? And I thought watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” was the perfect thing to put me in the Christmas spirit.

Now, what the news story failed to say is, the girl decided to take her cat Merry Christmas to say thank you to Santa Claus and this is what happened:

Typical cat, quite ungrateful by nature.

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