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The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission urges consumers to stop using phil&teds metoo clip-on chairs

Stop using dangerous phil&teds metoo clip-on chairs

Stop using dangerous phil&teds metoo clip-on chairs

If you own a phil&teds metoo clip-on chair or know someone who does, please read this news carefully. What’s terrifying about this announcement is that it’s not an “official” recall. Why? Because phil&teds USA, the baby gear company, hasn’t agreed to a recall with terms acceptable to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Instead of simply recalling the defective and dangerous chairs, phil&teds decided to provide parents a repair kit. Unfortunately the US CPSC doesn’t find this kit acceptable at avoiding accidents. So the US CPSC is doing its best to protect consumers by urging parents to stop using the chairs all together.

What’s wrong with the phil&teds metoo clip-on chairs?  The best way to understand the dangers this product can cause to a child is to watch the US CPSC’s video about the phil&teds metoo clip-on chairs. Babies/children can get injured for a number of reasons:

  • The confusing installation instructions, which may cause the problems below
  • The chair can detach from the table, causing the baby/child to fall down on the floor
  • If one side of the chair detaches, the seat can tilt and trap the baby/child’s fingers in the hinge, crushing or possibly amputating those fingers

With so many parents using baby gear and relying on baby gear manufacturers to keep their children safe, it’s hard to believe a company would avoid a costly (but safe) recall. Phil&teds doesn’t seem to mind. Maybe it’s because they’ve already spent enough money on the phil&teds stroller recall a few months ago and they can’t afford to lose more money. The phil&teds stroller recall involved amputated fingers also – go figure.

I’m glad my kids are growing out of the little baby gear but this makes me wonder whose best interest is at heart – ours and our kids, or a company’s bottom line. This is putting a lot of pressure on parents to keep their babies and children safe. Who needs the additional burden of unsafe baby gear?

Please spread the word and let your friends know about this announcement.The US CSPC’s safety notice about the phil&teds metoo clip-on chairs, including which models are affected, is available on the agency’s website.

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