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Using summer fruit to make food art

If you miss my previous posts on food art, you can see them here, here and here. I’ve been taking enough photos of our growing food art collection to share a few more with you today. Grape stems are a great … Continue reading

More food art! Do you know the muffin man?

If you missed my previous food art posts, you may want to go back to them for a little background history (a variety of food art, including several animals, and popcorn art). Now that you’re caught up, I’d like to … Continue reading

Hungry for a snack? How about some popcorn art?

You may have noticed I didn’t do a WWW Wednesdays update yesterday. There’s a simple reason for it. I’m still reading the same book and I feel like the slowest reader on the planet right now. I’ve been going to … Continue reading

My lightbulb moment: how much sodium is in my food?

If you’ve been keeping up with my “101 in 1001” challenge, you know that monitoring my blood pressure is one of my 101 tasks. With a multi-generational family history of hypertension and borderline personal BP numbers, this is an important … Continue reading