Goofy Monday: true advertising

Every day, my kids are bombarded with advertising messages, whether it’s on the radio, TV or in writing form everywhere they go. And boy, do they notice! I have to admit my kids are smart. With a marketing professional as their mom, they can recognize the “smoke and mirrors” when they see them, and they’re often skeptical of the advertising messages they see and hear. But sometimes, they also realize that advertising can be true…

Long lasting flavor
Son #1: “Look at the gum box. It says “long lasting flavor.”
Me: “And?”
Son #1: “It’s actually true! I’ve been chewing on this gum forever and it still tastes like this. Wow, I can’t believe it.”

Trident gum - long lasting flavor

Trident gum – long lasting flavor

Overflowing shelves
Son #1 (during a trip at ToysRUs before Son #2’s birthday): “Look, mama, the shelves are overflowing with toys!”
Me: “That’s a good way to describe it.” (have you seen how many toys are in there???)
Son #1: “No, that’s what they say on the radio, and it’s TRUE!” pointing at all the toys)
I personally think ToysRUs is still trying to get rid of excess inventory left over after Christmas, but you can’t say anything bad about their accurate statement.

Now, this Goofy Monday edition isn’t all about advertising, true or false. It’s also about socks.

Those darn socks
One day, I watched Son #1 pulling his socks up repeatedly until I said this…
Me: “Stop pulling on your socks. You’re going to stretch them and ruin them.”
Son #1: “But they keep coming down, I don’t know why.”
Me: “Let me see.”
I took a look at his socks and realized the problem.
Me: “Oh, that’s because they’re MY socks. Sorry…”
Do you know how hard it is to sort white socks and figure out whose they are as you put them away?

What’s that black thing?
Son #2: “Mama, there’s a caterpillar on the floor!”
Me: “Where?”
Son #2: “In the closet. It’s a fuzzy caterpillar, so watch out.” (those are the poisonous ones that burn your skin if you touch them with bare hands)
Me (looking at the black thing on the closet floor): “Oh, I think it’s dead.”
Can you guess what the “caterpillar” was?

Black caterpillar fuzz

Black caterpillar fuzz

Love hurts
Son #2 (squeezing me very hard): “Mama, I love you so much, your eyes will pop out.”
Me (barely breathing): “I bet you’re right. You might even crack a few of my ribs.”
What can I say, those are the best hugs in the world!

17 responses to “Goofy Monday: true advertising

  1. Gotta love the rib-cracking hugs. My son loves to squeeze my knee when he sits by me. It’s the one place I’m ticklish and he knows it. He thinks church is the funniest place to do the knee-squeezing. Boys! What is with them wanting to torture their moms?

  2. I think Trident and Toys R Us would like to have your sons as spokespeople. :)
    Socks drive me crazy. My youngest’s feet are just a bit bigger than mine, but our sweat socks always get mixed up. I go in my drawer to get a pair of socks for my morning workout and find none. They’re all in my son’s drawer. Guess I’ll have to start getting ones lined with pink. Um, yeah, not gonna happen…

  3. Um, I think it is time to vacuum.

  4. I’m glad your caterpillar was just sock lint.

  5. That’s funny that you got your socks mixed up. Mine are all very fuzzy with lots of colors so they would make some interesting caterpillars! I’m glad your caterpillar wasn’t the poisonous kind after all.

  6. I can’t stop laughing. Kids are very observant, innocent and will say the first thing that pop in their heads. They are very imaginative too and turns a simple yarn or carpet threads to live poisonous caterpillar. My son just told his mom the others day,” I need to stay up late mom because I want to enjoy my day off!” I guess all that extracurricular activities and school stuff is work. Don’t you just love being a parent! All the best to you and your family.

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