Goofy Monday a la French, and some other unknown land…

Hey, look, it’s Monday! And I have a new Goofy Monday post for you. Don’t you feel lucky? Oh, is that Irish luck rubbing on you? Well, you’ll have to wait a week for that. Nope, it’s French luck. Check out the French connection in the first two conversations. My kids have French blood running through their veins and they know it!

The smell of freedom
Son #2 (getting out of the car at San Diego’s Balboa Park): “Aaaaahhh, smell that? It’s the smell of freedom.”
Son #1: “No it’s not. It smells like croissant.”
Incidentally there was a croissant in my bag, so I think Son #1 may have been correct. But I’ll give Son #2 an A for his figurative sense of smell.

What color is your rainbow?
Son #2 (drawing a rainbow): “Red first. Then orange…”
Me (looking at him drawing): “Isn’t the orange is supposed to go on top of the red, not below?”
Son #1: “Maybe in France it’s like that, but here the red is a the bottom of the rainbow.”
I’m so bad at drawing rainbows, I had to google the answer. And just so you know, French rainbows look the same as American rainbows. I obviously have no clue, but for my defense, I’d like to add that when you see a double rainbow, the lower rainbow displays the colors in reverse, since it’s a reflection of the other rainbow. Maybe that’s what I was thinking of…

The colors of the double rainbow

The colors of the double rainbow

What’s your Native American name?
Son #2: “In class, we’re picking Native American names. You have to pick a nature name and an animal name, and put them together. What do you want to be?”
Me: “Oh, I’d like to be something soft.”
Son #2: “How about… a porcupine?”
Me: “Uh, maybe something a little softer.”
Ouch, I wouldn’t want to cuddle with one of those. By the way, I ended up being Snow Bear.

You’re not welcome in my imaginary land
Son #2 is talking on a cell phone, pretending…
Me: “Who are you calling?”
Son #2: “I don’t have to tell you who I’m pretending to call.” (what can I say ? He’s practicing his teenage attitude…)
Son #2 continues to talk, and now I’m listening…
Son #2: “Hi, I’m calling from Metro Decor*. I’m trying to recover a dead sloth. I’m about to go on the bunny of terror.”
Wow, I know who to ask if I’m looking for storybook inspiration!
*Metro Decor is a furniture store that advertises on the radio.

24 responses to “Goofy Monday a la French, and some other unknown land…

  1. These are great. I love that freedom smells like a croissant. Makes sense. Both freedom and pastries are wonderful!

  2. These are great. The soft porcupine made me laugh a lot. And the French rainbows. Thanks for sharing. Your boys are great!

  3. I’m going with freedom smelling like a croissant–if eating it won’t get me fat or spike my blood sugar, then it’ll be absolute freedom because I do LOVE the stuff! =D

  4. Ha ha your boys are so funny. :-)

  5. I hadn’t heard that about a double rainbow. That’s a great photo and I can see how the colors are reversed. It makes sense to me that freedom smells like a croissant. I can’t wait to see these storybook ideas come to life!

    • What, you’ve never heard of a double rainbow? Then it means you’ve never heard of the double rainbow ALL the way man, who became famous (not on purpose but in a good way) after he posted this video.

      By the way, do you know that I have now two completed picture book manuscripts and I’m working on my third one? The children’s book publishing world is very cruel and harsh but I want to query my books to agents for a while before I decide if I should self-publish instead. There are a lot of fish in the sea and the key is to find the one who likes your type of bait/book. Fingers crossed!

      • Wow – that’s enthusiasm for you! :) I hadn’t heard of the whole colors reversed thing – that’s pretty cool. That’s great that you’ve finished two! It’s true that you just have to find the right agent and it can take a long time but I think it’s worth it to try that at first. I’ve had some great input from agents and that’s made the novel better – even if it does take forever it’s worth it!

      • This business is so subjective, you really wonder how agents and publishers make the decision to take on a book. Especially when you see how much major editing can be done before the book gets published. I’ve seen original and final manuscripts that looked like two different picture books.

  6. I didn’t know that about rainbow reflections. Thanks!

  7. Darling! From croissants to rainbows to porcupines. They keep you on your toes.

  8. Kids have an endless source of inspiration that is adorable, fun and funny, even hilarious , creative, magical and many more. They pretty much define what is happiness in words, drawings, actions and any form of thought expressions. You can collect all your Goofy Monday stories with your sons and it will be one totally amazing book adventure.

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