The end of my 101 tasks in 1001 days

101_tasks_in_1001_daysMy 101 tasks in 1001 days challenge is over. I can’t believe how fast 1001 days have flown by. When I look at my final list, I realized that even though I didn’t accomplish everything on it, I still got a lot done. It was a great way to bring attention to some areas of my life and explore them a bit. It’s also helped me identify a few things I want to spend more time on from now on.

All in all, it was a great experience and this isn’t the end. After many weeks of reflection and wish contemplation, I’ve put together a list of goals I want to accomplish in 2014. That list includes sub-goals to guide me along the way, and specific deadlines for each. I’ve even created a giant calendar that lists what I should be working on every day to help me get these goals accomplished. I know it can sound a little extreme, but with the crazy life and schedule that I have, this is the only way for me to have a constant visual reminder to refer to every day. I really hope I make some headway in the months ahead.

29) Organize and clean up my internet browser bookmarks (0/1) – not done
I have to laugh at this goal because when I wrote it, I mostly used Internet Explorer. Today I still use it, along with Google Chrome, and each browser has its own set of bookmarks, as messed up as they can be. One of those days when I feel like a little cleaning would do me good, this will be a good project to tackle on.

30) Edit and save all family / kid photos I took since the birth of my first child (0/1) – not done
Unfortunately I didn’t get this done and I still have photos of my kids on several computers, SD cards, etc. At least I’ve figured out that online storage is probably the best for me and I’ve signed up for a couple of online accounts. Now, if I could only remember what they were…

39) Create new products for sale on my Zazzle store twice a week (7/112)  – not done
40) Identify up to two other websites to post my photos for sale and post new photos once a week (0/56) – not done
As much as I wanted to work on this in 2013, I didn’t. It’s on my list of goals for 2014 and so far I haven’t done it either but now I have a reminder twice a week to give me a chance to focus a few minutes at a time on this project.

42) Write my first book (0/1) – not done
I had 1001 days and I didn’t get to do this. But… when I originally wrote this task, I wasn’t sure what type(s) of book I wanted to write. 1001 days later, I have a much better idea and actually several drafts in various stages of completion. Now that I’ve signed up for Julie Hedlund’s 12×12 challenge, I have further motivation to work on this throughout the year.

44) Read one book a week (152/143) – DONE
That was easier than I thought. While some books took me longer than a week to read, I’ve figured out one book a week is what I average.

45) Read 30 literature “classics” (2/30)  – not done
Hmm, I guess I’m not a classics fan…

46) Re-read all of the Harry Potter books in a row (0/7) – not done
That would have been a lot of fun but it didn’t happen.

48) Post book reviews on both Goodreads and Amazon (0/1) – not done
I post my book reviews on Goodreads every time I finish an adult book but don’t do it for all the children’s books I read with my kids. And I don’t post my reviews on Amazon, even though I’ve wanted to. One of my setbacks what the name to use for those reviews. I think I’ve figured it out now and I’ll be doing a better job this year.

56) Establish 2 French-only days a week with my kids, including storytime (54/246) – not done
I did terrible at this. It sounded so easy and I realized it’s not. Good wake-up call for sure.

59) Try 10 new recipes (14/10) – DONE
This has been a lot of fun. I got a bread maker last year and several of the recipes were to make some kind of loaf, such as brioche or sweet milk bread.

60) Bake Christmas cookies (2/3) – not done
I almost did it! Instead we made Halloween cookies, and then Thanksgiving cookies this year. By the time Christmas came and we got busy playing with our new toys, we’d forgotten all about the cookies!

61) Have 10 family picnics (18/10)
I’m so glad this was on the list and we’re looking forward to more picnics this year. The challenge has been to pack some foods my kids would eat since they don’t like sandwiches. I’ve managed to feed them well and we’ve really enjoyed eating outside in the middle of nature.

62) Try 10 new restaurants (14/10) – DONE
This was an “interesting” experience, as some of these restaurants worked out well and others didn’t (the food or the service was below average). It’s still nice to try something new once in a while.

65) Sing in the rain (0/1) – not done
This probably sounds easy for many of you since you get plenty of rain. We don’t. As in, it almost never rains here. And when it does, it’s in the winter and it feels cold outside. The last thing you want is go out and get drenched just to sing. I hope one day my kids have the opportunity to experience one of those summer storms where the rain coming down feels wonderful and all you want is to stand in it, sing and dance.

67) Go whale watching (0/1) – not done
I just don’t think my kids are old enough to put up with being on a boat for 6 to 8 hours yet. I don’t think I am either, haha!

69) Make birthday cakes from scratch for every family birthday, including mine (4/10) – not done
Making the cake in itself isn’t a lot of work but getting the kids to choose the cake they want is a little different!

75) Pet a horse (0/1) – not done
I want to say we did this because I swear we did, but I can’t remember. Probably at one of those pony rides. I’m leaving it undone as a future reminder to have my kids and myself do it.

76) See a waterfall (0/1) – not done
Our ongoing drought of four years hasn’t helped with that. The only waterfalls I’ve seen were man made.

78) Make a snowman (0/1) – not done
Same reason as above. A longtime drought and not enough snow.

79) Stargaze and look for shooting stars (1/1) – DON
I did this by myself this summer but didn’t see any shooting stars. I did give my kids the opportunity to stargaze early this winter, since the night comes so much earlier. They were amazed at how many stars and planets were visible to the naked eye.

81) Go to Disneyland California (0/1) – not done
I don’t feel bad about this one because my kids haven’t asked to go. We did go to Legoland California though (#82).

83) Rollover the 401K from my most recent job into my personal IRA (0/1) – not done
84) Set up college savings accounts for my two kids (0/1) – not done
85) Write a will and get life insurance (0/1) – not done
Guess what’s on my list for 2014?

86) Go to sleep by 11pm every night (786/1001) – not done
I’ve made a conscientious effort to get to bed earlier in the past few months. I know it’s a new habit I have to establish and I’m working on it. I’m a lot more productive on the days when I’ve gone to bed early enough the night before.

87) Take a relaxing bath once a week (0/93) – not done
I’m sure it would be nice but I just can’t justify the extra water and the extra time spent in the bathtub right now.

88) Stop biting my nails (0/1) – not done
If you have tips for this one, I’m all ears.

94) Go a whole day without saying no (0/1) – not done
Do you know how hard this is? But I really want to try it one day because I like the challenge!

95) Not swear for a whole week (0/1) – not done
Same as above!

96) Spend a whole weekend without computer or internet access (1/1) – DONE
I didn’t do a whole weekend but I did it from a Saturday night to a Monday morning twice last year. It was difficult and liberating at the same time. This year, I’m planning to do one unplugged Sunday a month.

97) Complete 5 Sudoku puzzles (0/5) – not done
I didn’t do this and it’s OK. I’m just not a Sudoku person. :-)

98) Perform 52 intentional / random acts of kindness in 2013 (52/52) – DONE
I stopped counting after 52 but I’m really glad I did it, and many times it involved my kids too. Definitely on my list for this year again!

If you didn’t participate in the 101 in 1001 challenge, did you set goals for yourself last year? How did you do? Are you setting goals for yourself this year? What tips do you have to share to help someone reach their goals?

26 responses to “The end of my 101 tasks in 1001 days

  1. I’ve had something similar to your #29 and #30 on my list for a long time. We always think about organizing our physical items (clothes, papers, books, files, etc.), but the electronic ones can get a bit messy. I need to go through my documents and delete things I don’t need anymore, delete old emails, organize photos better, etc. I have neat files created, but I have too many old documents in all of them. I want to make up some Shutterfly photo albums, too.
    As for baking cake from scratch, I usually make my husband a German Chocolate cake from scratch on his birthday. It’s a lot of work, but oh, so yummy.
    Congrats on accomplishing so much. I bet you’re way ahead of most people!

    • Papers for me are so much easier to organize than electronic files. I think it’s a question of being able to physically touch them, move them around, file them, etc. You can stare at a growing pile of papers for so long until you decide it has to go. Electronic files don’t have that visibility and yet, it can take some time to find something you forgot where you put it. That German chocolate cake sounds delicious. I want to see a photo next time you make it. :-)

  2. Your list is funny–especially the swearing one. But you’ve accomplished so much…so kudos to you. And the stuff you haven’t, well, there are still a lot of years left in your life. You won’t run out of things to do.

    • I definitely won’t run out of things to do, especially since I keep adding to the list. The no-swearing might be easy for some people but not really for me. I think I should try it for one day instead of a week, and then see if I can repeat that. Coming from Europe where colorful language is part of everyday life, I find it hard to break a lifelong habit. Like the nail biting…

  3. You’ve done lots . . . and you have lots of ideas left. All good.

  4. Well done! Some interesting challenges there :)
    It was a worthwhile experience, wasn’t it?

    • Thank you! Yes, it was definitely worth doing this challenge, even though I felt like I ran out of steam by the end. I think I do better with yearly planning, even if it means scheduling some activities for the next year. It’s definitely helped me get a lot of things done, but also figure out a system that works best for me.

  5. Then it was definitely worth doing!

  6. A massive congratulations to you, you’ve done brilliantly! Singing (and dancing) in the rain with your kids is definitely one to look forward to for the future. It’s so uplifting. I can’t imagine achieving the not saying no for a whole day – especially with kids; mine would totally take advantage of that one. ;-)
    You’ve done brilliantly! I hope that you’re really proud of yourself!!!

    • Haha, a whole day without saying no with kids is very hard. The trick I heard to it say something like, “yes, later”, or “yes, another day”. I think it takes a whole of training and saying no right away is a lot easier!

  7. Thanks for sharing your impressive list. :-)

  8. Never enough time to do what we want and follow our dreams. It’s like we’re always running after time. Wishing for you to have the rest of your tasks and bucket list happen soon. I guess the important thing is we enjoy and savor the actual moments we are in so we can move forward without looking back on our next adventure. Have a great weekend.

  9. Impressive and creative list! I am rather exhausted thinking about what all you have planned for yourself.
    As far as whale-watching . . . I went on a whale-watching trip last Tuesday while we were in Newport Beach. It was 2 1/2 hours of boredom with 17 seconds of thrill when we finally saw a whale and followed him. I’d say pass on that item.

  10. I’m always in awe of how you get so many things done! You’re quite an inspiration and I especially love how you make it a point to keep your boys busy and active, and how you bring so much richness into their everyday. Can’t help much with the nail biting but I’d say that based on how you’re doing, it’s likely that one day, you’ll find that you’ve just stopped! Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished!

  11. I’ll have to add some of these to my list. I love the fun ones like singing in the rain, more picnics, and petting a horse. Singing in the rain (or snow) would be much easier around here. As long as you’re having fun with your kids, you’re doing well! It’ll be fun to look forward to some of those that you didn’t get to yet too.

  12. It must be satisfying to reflect back on all you’ve accomplished, and to have an organized list of future goals to achieve.

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