Goofy Monday: Don’t drive like my brother!

Wow, it’s been a long time since I wrote a Goofy Monday post. I’ve been writing all these funny things my kids say on memos on my cell phone and I’m just going through the list right now to put this post together. You’ve got to love technology for helping you capture these thoughts right in the moment, when you don’t have a piece of paper handy and your memory has more holes than Swiss cheese.

LEGOLAND driving school

Goofy Monday: Legoland driving school - Copyright Lego

Goofy Monday: Legoland driving school – Copyright Lego

I recently took my kids to LEGOLAND California, and while we were waiting in line for the driving school attraction, we had plenty of time to look at the kids who were currently driving around. So many of them were running stop signs and red lights, driving on the wrong side of the road and crashing into other cars, that made waiting in line very entertaining. And then we reached the front of the line.

Me: “Are you guys ready to hit the road?”
Son #1: “Yes! Hey, everybody, don’t drive like my brother!”

I burst out laughing when I heard him say that! Can you guess we’re fans of NPR’s Car Talk radio show? We’ve obviously heard their signature goodbye line too many times. The funny thing is, I could easily picture my kids having their own radio show one day, and crack up jokes while they help people solve their mechanical or engineering problems. Or maybe, their Lego building problems…

Lego vs. Mega Bloks super heroes

Talking about Lego, one of its copycats competitors is Mega Bloks. And although we happen to have mostly Lego at our house, we also have a few Mega Bloks sets.

Son #1 (talking to the Mega Bloks character his brother is holding): “Come up here so we can ride together.”
Son #2: “I’m Mega Bloks. I don’t fit on Lego.”

Haha, sorry Mega Bloks, so much for taking down the Lego empire. Even 5 and 7-year olds know better than try to mix them up.

Love stinks
Son #2: “Mama, you look so beautiful tonight!”
Me: “Aw, thank you!”
Son #2: “Ew, you have stinky breath!!!”
Ah, the joys of motherhood…

Cracking nuts
Son #2 performs a stunt, jumping high and landing in a fake split position.
Me: “Are you OK?”
Son #2: “Argh, I think I cracked a nut ball.”

Life with boys is never boring. Ever. But I love every minute of it. What are some of your kids’ favorite lines?

21 responses to “Goofy Monday: Don’t drive like my brother!

  1. A ‘nut ball.’ A bit redundant, but at least he’s covering all his bases with that one. ;)

  2. Vroom . . . Vroom!

    Glad that you’re kids are keeping you well amused as they crack jokes . . . and nut balls.

  3. Kids say the darnedest things. One line (not funny) I’ll never forget is when my 4-year-old daughter asked me, “Are we all God’s dolls and he is just playing with us?” Stopped me in my tracks.

    An aside here, how did you like Defending Jacob? It is on my book group reading list.

  4. It must be tempting to do the bumper car thing at that driving school. I remember when it was fun to crash into as many people as possible. I’m glad they’re keeping you laughing! Cracking a nut ball really made me laugh, especially imagining that acrobatic jumping into a splits move. :)

    • Watching that driving school attraction is a great way to study human nature. Human beings are definitely born uncivilized and without manners, and need a lot of training to behave properly in society. You wouldn’t believe the amount of kids who not just bump into cars, but try to push them out of their way and off the road. Looks like rush hour on most American freeways…

  5. Fun, fun, fun! Lego driving school rocks! My son loved Legoland, even more than Disney. He also has mega blocks which I think was harder to make than Legos. And yes, they don’t fit with Lego bricks. Kids are truly smart & observant. Best wishes to you & your family.

    • My boys like the Skylander Megabloks but the instructions are awful. While Lego takes you step by step, the Megabloks people want to save paper and money and show you several steps on each page. And the colors are usually off so you often grab the wrong piece. Definitely not kid friendly.

  6. Christie Wright Wild

    Wow! What a list!!! Just wanted to let you know the sign ups are now open for PB 14:14 over on my blog. SIGN UP NOW Hope to see you there!

  7. My littlest said to me just today, “People probably think you’re mad, waving at the dog like that!”
    The best thing is she’s probably right – I leave the house waving at each window as she runs around them in order to catch a fleeting glance at me as often as possible every time I leave the house!!!

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