Goofy Monday: keeping up with kid logic

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It’s a new edition of Goofy Monday! Did you miss it? I think being around kids is a great way to keep your brain alert and working. And constantly confused. I love how kid logic works. Kids really do say the darndest things.

Deep conversation for breakfast
Son #1: “Mama, when we’re all done with this life, can I have the box?”
Me: “What? Life? Box?”
Son #1: “This box.” (shaking the Life cereal box)
Me: “Phew!”
Warning: eating Life cereal can lead to conversations that are way, way too deep for breakfast time.

Box of life cereal

Box of life cereal

Star Wars Logic
Son #1 (looking at a Star Wars book): “It looks like the guys Darth Vader killed. But not the ones that are dead.”
Hmm, I think I need a Star Wars refresher… Which guys would those be?

Bucket of army men
We’re driving through San Diego’s Balboa Park, on the way to the zoo.
Son #1: “Wow, I just saw some army men. But not the plastic kind.”
Haha, why do kids have to insert toy references to every conversation?

Bucket of army men

Bucket of army men

Money doesn’t grow on trees
Son #1: “Who wants $400?”
Son # 2: “Meeeee!”
Son #1: “Then you’ll have to earn $400.”
I guess that’s why they call seven the age of reason. He’s learning fast.

I’m a dork
Son #1: “Let’s play the word guessing game. I’ll go first. It starts with a D.”
Me: “Hmm, I think we need more clues.”
Son #1: “It’s something to do with the pool.”
Son #2: “Water! Jump! Splash!”
Me: “Oh, I don’t know. Dehydrated?” (Wow, did I seriously just say that???)
Son #1: “No! It’s dive, like a submarine.”
Now, wouldn’t you love to see a submarine dive in a pool?

20 responses to “Goofy Monday: keeping up with kid logic

  1. “Dehydrated”—Hahaha, that’s something I’d say.

    I love son #1’s finance sense. So glad to see he didn’t suggest a lottery ticket instead!

    • I know! Who gets dehydrated in the pool? I swear, the stuff my brain comes up with…
      I don’t think my son knows what a lottery ticket is. They do have raffles at his school sometimes and he never wins anything, so it’s probably setting up a great example for him not to waste his money on lottery tickets either. :-)

      • Sounds like you’re leading by excellent example. We don’t buy lottery tickets much at all. Hopefully my sons realize they’re a waste of money. Says the woman who’s never won 100+ million dollars…

      • Haha, I only buy tickets when the jackpot is some outrageous amount of money, and most of the time, I forget. I’d rather hit the jackpot by doing something I really like. My kids want to grow up to be inventors, so they may hit their own jackpot anyway!

      • At the very least, they’ll have interesting homes full of contraptions. :)

      • That’s probably true! They want to invent things that will make people’s lives better so hopefully they’ll manage to survive the school system without getting their creative mindset too much.

  2. Laughing my head off. The Life one is a classic!

  3. The 1st is fantastic! Phew is right!

  4. Love these! My dudes equate all things with toys as well. I was compared to a dream light last night. Not sure why! ;)

  5. Thanks for the laughs! I agree life discussions are too deep for breakfast. :) I love your son’s response to the $400 after getting his brother all excited!

  6. Army soldier toys, these my son digs too aside from Legos. For some reason he gets all excited with anything army. Guess what’s the first poster he asked us to get him? Yep, an army poster. Wonderful post!

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