WordPress weekly photo challenge: the hue of you

Today I’m participating in the WordPress weekly photo challenge and this week’s theme is “the hue of you”. The people at WordPress are asking us to share a hue that represents us, who we are as a person, or how we’re feeling at the moment.

First let me share my boys’ hue, or rather hues, coming from our giant bag of Lego bricks and other shapes. Even their clothes have the same hues. Well, maybe except for yellow, because who looks good in bright yellow, apart from the Lego guys?

WordPress weekly photo challenge: the hue of you

WordPress weekly photo challenge: the hue of you

Do you see any feminine colors in there? No? I didn’t think so. That’s because, as my boys like to remind me on a regular basis, “pink is for girls”. Pink and purple (and blue) happen to be my favorite colors and represent the hue of me much better than the bright yellow Lego colors. To see my favorite colors, hop on over to my photography website for a different version of this challenge.

14 responses to “WordPress weekly photo challenge: the hue of you

  1. It’s been a long time since my boys played with Legos, and yet I’m still finding those pieces scattered around the house. It will be weird when they’re off in college, and I find a Lego piece tucked deep inside the couch cushion. :)

  2. Legos and Duplos are some of the best toys ever!


  3. Good choice! They do come in a lot more colors now than what I remember when I was a kid.

    Legos will last forever. We have some Legos that my brother-in-law played with when he was a kid, 40 or so years ago.

    • You know, I was thinking what I’d do with all the Lego pieces and Lego sets we have once the boys outgrow them, but I think I should keep them. It would be so much fun to get the bag out if we do a fun family night when they’re teenagers and we try to build things together. And of course, when they have kids, they could get all those Legos. There’s definitely enough to share between the two.

  4. I never thought of it before, but Legos do have pretty manly colors. The boy type toys were always much more fun – like hot wheels or Star Wars action figures or train sets. I never understood why anyone would want to play with a doll when you could play with those things instead.

    • I don’t think I played much with “girl” toys when I was a kid, and when I did, it was usually not the way they were intended to be used! Although boys can play rough sometimes, they have great ideas when it comes to entertain themselves.

  5. Legos..amazing stuff that inspires creativity in a box. Hues that I share as well with my boy who is crazy over these exciting bricks. My son turned 8 yesterday and guess what’s his wish? Yep, Legos. He also wanted a bike. It is truly a blessing to share the magical world of our kids. Best wishes to you and your family.

  6. Interesting, I never gave lego colors much thought til’ now. My kids played more with blocks, which now that I think about it were primary colors and not what we think of as “feminine” shades.

  7. A few days ago my son finished a dream Lego he’s been wishing for months now. It’s a joy and blessing to share our kid’s magical childhood. Best wishes and God bless to you and your family.

    • Isn’t it fun to watch your kids come up with their own creations? Lego has this new “Technix” series, which is very, very cool. Lots of gears and parts that make the vehicles move just right. My 5-year old is enjoying his first set a lot.

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