Goofy Monday: Animal mix-up

There are always plenty of interesting conversations going on at the house. Here are a few of them grouped under the theme “animal mix-up”.

dolphinDolphin tales
Son #2: “I can run really fast. Faster than a dolphin!”
Me: “I bet you can!”
I think he’s got to refine his animal analogies…

The other white meat
Son #2: “If you eat turkey, you eat pig.”
Son #1: “No, you eat turkey!”
I guess that’s what happens when I serve turkey bacon to my kids without explaining that it actually comes from a turkey.

True lies
Me: “Did you know the female peregrine falcon is larger than the male?” (reading a sign)
Son #2: “You’re LYING!!”
Sorry, son, the truth hurts more than the lies sometimes.

How to confuse your mom
My kids and I enjoy playing the 20-question game, when one of us picks an animal and the others ask yes-or-no questions to guess the animal. It was Son #2’s turn to pick an animal for us to guess.
Son #1: “Is it an insect?”
Son #2: “Yes! Actually, it’s a reptile.”
Me: “Is it a bird?”
Son #2: “Yes!”
Can you guess it’s quite a challenge to play this game?

27 responses to “Goofy Monday: Animal mix-up

  1. Hahaha, looks like they’re missing a few facts. Then again, it would be pretty cool if dolphins COULD run. ;)

    • I understood what he meant about the dolphin going fast, it just didn’t come out right. As for the reptile/bird question, he learned in dinosaur camp that birds evolved from reptiles so now it puts both in the same category. It sure makes the game more fun, especially when he picks a plant or rock instead of an animal!

  2. The last is my favorite!

    On a completely unrelated note . . . we bought our FIRST jar of Nutella today!!! Yay! Had a small taste before dinner on a pretzel. Yummy!

  3. Okay, the 20 questions game made me laugh. I can imagine that one is very hard to guess when they go from insect, reptile to bird. Sounds like some creepy dinosaur thingie!

  4. 20 questions with little kids is really funny and as an adult quite difficult to play! :-)))

  5. I bet your kids know a lot more about animals than most people – and the cool thing is that game can make you imagine all kinds of strange, new creatures.

  6. Aren’t kids great? They remind us to take things lightly, to just have fun, to rediscover, to be curious, to be a kid at heart. Your son is full of vibrant spirit with an adventurer’s heart. He somehow sounded like my 7-year old. Have a blessed day.

  7. Your kids always crack me up! (If they ever mention to you an interest in becoming a biology teacher, you might ask them to reconsider.) ;)

    • My youngest soaks up any information about animals and previously mentioned he wanted to be a paleontologist. He really is fascinated with the animal kingdom, nature and science in general. It will be interesting to see how his interests develop as he gets older.

  8. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    This is so gorgeous, love it. How can you not smile, reading this. Ah, blessed little ones

  9. Hi, I’ve been following your blogs for a few weeks now. I haven’t seen anything new since 8/12 though…have you really not posted anything in that long or am I missing something somehow? I signed up to get email notifications every day… Thank you, I really enjoy reading your adventures.

    • Sorry, you’re not missing anything. I haven’t found enough time to post since then, even though I have plenty to share! Summer vacation is wrapping up and my kids have been taking a lot of my time, while I’ve spent the rest on important work projects. My schedule won’t be as hectic once the kids go back to school. I’ve got a post on food art in the works, so I hope you’ll like it.

  10. Thanks for getting back to me. Not a problem, same here for me! I just knew you posted so often and i thought i may have registered incorrectly. I’ll look forward to your next posts when it calms down for you ;)

    • I completely understand you because I’ve subscribed to WordPress blogs in the past and didn’t receive the updates until I went in my reader and changed some settings. If you subscribe by email, I think it works better than just following the blog. I’m going to publish one post hopefully tomorrow and another one by the end of this week, so you should get the notices.

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