WordPress weekly photo challenge: Companionable

Today I’m participating in the WordPress weekly photo challenge and this week’s theme is “companionable”. As soon as I read this week’s photo theme, I knew which photo I would use. My kids really are best buddies. Well, at least until they start arguing. They’re best friends and don’t realize it. They play together all the time, talk to each other about everything and anything, do things for each other, and help and support each other.. My eldest even reads to my youngest on a regular basis. To a lifetime of companionship!

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Companionable - brothers can be best friends

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Companionable – brothers can be best friends

For a different type of companion (more of the furry type), you can hop on (pun intended) over to my nature photography website to see my participation in this weekly challenge.

15 responses to “WordPress weekly photo challenge: Companionable

  1. Ahhhh! I love this picture. They are so cute and precious.

  2. Fantastic shot for the theme . . . and for your Brag Book!

  3. Hi Milka,
    So adorable. And I’m impressed that your oldest reads to your youngest. :-)

  4. Perfect snap for the topic. Hope they remain best friends forever, touch wood!

  5. What a great photo. ;) I love their blue shirts and matching hats too!

    • Thank you! We’ve experienced record heat this week in Southern California so the hats are very useful. The sun here has no mercy. As for matching clothes, I manage to do it quite often, between the two of them, or with me. Today we all managed to wear black T-shirts! :-)

  6. That’s so nice to see. It’ll be great to be a part of that as their friendship continues through the years. It’s always nice to see kids playing outside these days too! :)

    • I love to just sit there and watch them play, or interact in any way, without saying anything. And yes, we love the outdoors and do our best to spend a lot of time there, which is an easy thing in Southern California year round.

  7. A toast to a lifetime of amazing companionship! Our kids are our best buddies. They make us laugh and feel good about ourselves and everything around us like no other. Beautiful pictures. best wishes to your family.

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