Goofy Monday: Dirty ears and dirty mouth

If you’d like to see my contribution to the latest WordPress weekly photo challenge on “fleeting”, check out my nature photography website post, which ranges from animals (including a very cute baby koala) to plants, to skies.

You’ll notice this week’s edition of Goofy Monday has a theme. A pretty dirty one. Life is like that sometimes. :-)

Dirty ears
Son #2: “Mama, do you know they have disgusting sex at Michael’s?”
Me: “They have what???”
Son #2: “Disgusting sets. Like gross science experiment sets.”
Me: “Ah, OK.”
Phew! I guess it’s time I cleaned my dirty ears…

Dirty mouth
Son #1: “Mama, what’s under there?”
Me: “Under where?”
Son #1: ” Haha, you said underwear!”
Don’t you love kid humor? Especially when it goes wrong, like what happened right after that:
Son #2: ” Mama, what’s under where?”
Me: “Haha, you said underwear!”
Son #2: “Grrr, not fair!”
Fortunately for him, he’s gotten better at this joke since then.

Prince Charming kisses the princess

Prince Charming kisses the princess

Down and dirty
Son #1’s class writes stories every day. The theme of the day was “If I had a castle”. XYZ is the girl who sits right next to Son #1 in class. Apparently she was writing about a princess and her prince charming.
Son #1: “Mama, XYZ wrote something very inappropriate in her story today.”
Me: “Oh, really? What did she write?”
Son #1: “I can’t tell you. It was VERY inappropriate.”
Me: “Like what? Kissing?”
Son #1: “No, WORSE than that!”
Me (starting to worry): “I don’t know then. Just tell me.”
Son #1: “She wrote about… MARRIAGE!!!”
Well, he’s right, marriage IS a lot worse than kissing!


6 responses to “Goofy Monday: Dirty ears and dirty mouth

  1. Thanks so much for the laughs! I especially love that last one. I agree, it can be much worse than kissing. :)

    • It’s funny because he was talking about something inappropriate to talk about at school. But I agree with him that marriage is a lot worse than kissing! I think I’ll stick to the kissing whenever I meet Prince Charming. ;-)

  2. I see London
    I see France
    Milka said “underpants”! :lol:

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