Goofy Monday: raising a smart ass kid

I think I can safely say that both my kids are highly creative and imaginative, each in their own way. But I have a feeling Son #1 takes it to the next level by also being a smart ass kid. I guess I could say I’m a good teacher, but he’s an even better student. He’s getting better and better at making the one remark that makes you go, haha, good one! I can see Son #2 is practicing hard too. Between the three of us, it makes for some fun days at our house.

Here’s Son #1’s latest example of smart ass creativity. This time it happened at school during one of his writings last week. That day’s theme was “If I had one wish”. And so his first sentence was:

“If I had one wish, it would be to have more wishes and those wishes would be…”

And he had 8 wishes in all! I think he stopped at #8 only because he was starting to run out of room. Here’s his complete list below. You can click on it to see it in a larger format.

If I had one wish writing assignment

If I had one wish writing assignment

But hey, don’t think I’m getting too excited about it. He can surprise me in other ways. Just a few nights ago, we were reading a book called Mouse’s First Halloween by Lauren Thompson. In it, a little mouse is scared of the various noises outside, only to discover they’re part of nature.

When we got to this page below, my kids had a hard time figuring out what the mouse was hearing. Can you guess what goes plop, plop, plop?

Mouse's First Halloween by Lauren Thompson

Mouse’s First Halloween by Lauren Thompson

My kids seemed stuck, so I gave them a clue:

Me: “It’s something that you pick from trees in the fall.”
Son #1: “Pumpkins?”

There you have it. An awkward variation of smart ass… I can’t imagine walking under a pumpkin tree and seeing those pumpkins plopping down on the ground… Ouch, my head!

10 responses to “Goofy Monday: raising a smart ass kid

  1. I like his wish that everything was made of chocolate. I think you’re raising your son perfectly!

  2. Hahah! That’s the perfect smart thing to do – wish for more wishes. I also wish I could fly and that everything could be made of chocolate.

  3. Does his teacher appreciate his sense of humor? :D

  4. This is a smart kid who thinks out of the box!

    • Exactly! It’s funny because the government is pushing new “common core standards” that go beyond basic knowledge and are supposed to encourage creativity and innovation. But most teachers don’t seem to spot this kind of thinking somehow when it happens in their classrooms. This is quite interesting.

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