WordPress weekly photo challenge: Up

Disney Pixar movie Up

Disney Pixar movie Up

Today I’m participating in the WordPress weekly photo challenge and this week’s theme is up. But you’ll have to hop on over my nature photography website to see my photos.

Did you see the Pixar movie Up? It was excellent but damn it, it made me cry. You cruel Pixar people!

Up is one of those adverbs non-English native speakers like me have a hard time learning. That’s because when you add it to a verb, it changes its meaning completely.

Up is synonym for childhood in so many ways:

Up is a favorite word for many toddlers. Up, Mama, up!

Up is a favorite word for parents of toddlers. Wake up! Look up! Wait up! Stand up! Listen up!

It’s fun to watch your kids grow up. That’s when you starting picking them up at school.

As a parent, you hope your kids look up to you.

Parenting has its ups and downs.

And of course, at the least of the day, it’s time to clean up, so you don’t stay up too late.

So, what’s up with you?

20 responses to “WordPress weekly photo challenge: Up

  1. I ate ‘up’ a half of a slice of delicious cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory today. Now I must make ‘up’ for it by ‘upping’ the amount of walking I do tonight.

  2. The sky! (That’s what my dad always answers when I ask him What’s up?) Up has to be one of my favorite Pixar movies of all time. Now I must go see what’s up on your photo blog.

  3. I’m up to my eyeballs reading and commenting on wonderful blog posts like yours, Milka. :-)

  4. Fun post! I enjoyed UP . . . I don’t remember if my eyes welled up. ;)

  5. That movie really made me cry too. That and the latest Toy Story one. It’s almost as if the Pixar people try to think up these stories to play with our emotions. That’s funny how many ways “up” can be used. :)

    • Kid movies really are the worst for me. Did you see the first Ice Age, where Manny the mammoth’s mate and child were killed by hunters. At some point, he enters a cave and see paintings that illustrate the killing and he realizes the baby he’s keeping safe is the hunter/killer’s child. Ouch, I can’t watch that scene without starting to sob. Pixar movies mess me UP real bad.

      • Yes – that one made me cry too! For some reason, I always think these movies are supposed to be comedies or at least a little lighter when they’re made for kids, but then they end up making me cry more than most.

      • I stand corrected. I realized the Ice Age movies are Dreamworks, not Pixar. But Up and the Toy Story trilogy are Pixar movies. They’re all good, no matter what!

  6. We went to a furniture store a few months ago, they were showing ‘UP’ in one of the ‘rooms’. I had to leave when it got to that scene showing the summary of the older man’s life. That always makes me cry!

    • That really is the worst (and best) scene in the movie. I’m glad to hear men can cry watching it too, so I don’t feel like such a wimp. Did you see Toy Story 3? Watching Andy grow up and seeing him leaving for college is just heart wrenching as a parent.

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