WWW Wednesdays – April 17, 2013

WWW Wednesdays

I didn’t do a WWW Wednesdays update last week but I’m catching up today, with the many books we’ve read in the past couple of weeks.

My bookshelf

E. Aster Bunnymund and the Battle of the Warrior Eggs at the Earth's Core by William Joyce– What I’m currently reading
E. Aster Bunnymund and the Battle of the Warrior Eggs at the Earth’s Core by William Joyce. This book is part of The Guardians book series, which inspired the Rise of the Guardians movie. My six-year old read this book on his own and told me I should read it too, so here I go! So far, I’ve really enjoyed William Joyce’s picture books, The Man in the Moon and The Sandman: The Story of Sanderson Mansnoozie.

– What I recently finished reading
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I have a feeling Gone Girl is one of those books most people will either love or hate. I can see the appeal of the story and on the plus side, I have to say it’s well written and make you want to continue reading. But by page 40, I had figured out the whole story so by the time I got to the “twist”, it wasn’t a surprise at all. In the book, Nick keeps saying that Amy seems three steps ahead of him. Well, I was three steps ahead of Amy. Honestly, the title “Gone Girl” is a dead giveaway. I have no idea why the author picked it instead of something like “Missing Girl”, which would be a little more mysterious. The ending is disappointing too and made me wonder why I bothered reading over 400 pages to get there. If you like reading books on sociopaths, this is a good one. If you like mysteries, you’ll figure out everything that happens before it happens.

Tripwire by Lee Child, the third in the Jack Reacher series. Another great Jack reacher story as usual. This one is full of twists that kept me on the edge. I’m pretty good at predicting what happens in books but I never saw these twists coming. This is a great mystery that doesn’t unfold until the very end.

How Full Is Your Bucket? Positive Strategies for Work and Life by Tom Rath and Don Clifton. This book is very short but a great read. I think it deserves its own post, along with How Full Is Your Bucket? (For Kids), so I’ll write a review on both books very soon.

– What I think I’ll read next
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows.

My kids’ bookshelf

Interrupting Chicken by David Ezra SteinWhat they’re currently reading
Interrupting Chicken by David Ezra Stein. Char at Joy in the Moments talked about this book in a recent post. I read it a long time ago with my kids so it was time to revisit it. We’re enjoying it just as much the second time around. Little Chicken is a hoot, constantly interrupting her dad’s storytelling to save the characters of each fairy tale by rewriting the ending. I love David Ezra Stein’s colorful and lively paintings too.
Green by Laura Vaccaro Seeger. The die cut pages of this book let you explore the many shades of the color green. My kids love the format of this book and keep guessing what’s hiding on the next page.
Creepy Carrots! by Aaron Reynolds.  Jasper Rabbit can’t resist the carrots that grow in Crackenhopper Field, until he begins hearing and seeing creepy carrots wherever he goes. Does he really see creepy carrots, or is it just his imagination? After you read this book, you’ll realize how smart carrots can be (I had no idea!).

Creepy carrots! by Aaron Reynolds

Creepy carrots! by Aaron Reynolds

The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate– What they recently finished reading
The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate. I first read this book by myself (you can read my review of The One and Only Ivan here) and I really wanted to share this story with my kids, since it’s a youth book. My five-year old didn’t stick around for long. I think the book had a lot of text and not enough illustrations for him. My six-year old LOVED it and shared bits of the story with his brother every morning. Warning to sensitive parents: it’s really hard to read a few parts of this book without choking up and looking like an idiot in front of your kid. ;-)
Arrowhawk by Lola M. SchaeferArrowhawk by Lola M. Schaefer. This is the true story of a red tailed hawk’s survival after being struck by a poacher’s arrow. At the end of the book, you can read how this bird survived a severe injury to its leg and wing for eight weeks in the wild, being tracked and eventually getting rescued and released. 

– What I think they’ll read next
I don’t know but I’m sure it will be good stuff. What about you? Any books you or your kids are reading you’d like to share?

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12 responses to “WWW Wednesdays – April 17, 2013

  1. I have got to get on my library account and reserve a Jack Reacher book soon. I don’t have to do them in order, do I? And the chicken interrupting book too. I love that idea for a children’s book–to keep interrupting and saving the characters. Tonight when I get home, I will have to remember to get online and do some reserving.

    • You can read the Jack Reacher books in any order. You learn about him a bit more in every book but you’ll get the story you read, no matter what. You probably could try with Die Trying, which is the #2 in the series. I found it a serious nail biter.

      As for Interrupting Chicken, it’s just hilarious. As a parent, you can’t help but get a good laugh, and kids laugh at how Little Chicken spoils every story.

  2. I’m currently rereading Stephen King’s The Shining for reasons I’ll discuss in my post next Monday. Then it’s onto another bookclub selection, The Nine Parts of Desire by Geraldine Brooks. It’s nonfiction and explores the lives of Muslim women based on the author’s experience as a journalist in the Middle East for several years. I’m looking forward to it.

  3. Love these books. I need to check them out. Twice a month we go to the library and borrow about 20 books. Reading is a fun adventure for the whole family. Makes me feel like a kid all over again, fleeting as it seems.

    • Some of the best books I’ve ever read are children’s books, or youth books. I usually list all the books I personally read but only list the books my kids read I think were best for each week. They read 4 or 5 books every day and I can’t list them all. I have a children’s book page that is in serious need of updating though. Blogging is hard work! ;-)

  4. Thanks for the warning on Gone Girl! I don’t like reading books about sociopaths. :) I had been thinking of reading it just because it’s such a popular book, but maybe I’ll skip it or at least move it further down on the list. There are too many other great books to read. I’m almost done with Son now and I’m thinking of doing a future post on all four if I can ever get my thoughts together (and of course I’ll make sure to thank you on it for recommending them)!

    • Oh, if you don’t like sociopaths, then maybe this is not the book for you, because it’s all about it. Honestly I preferred The Talented Mr. Ripley. I’m glad to hear you’re almost done with The Giver quartet series and enjoyed it. I love how Lois Lowry wraps things up nicely in the last book. I’m not surprised she took so long to decide to write it.

  5. I need to visit the Children’s Room at the library and select some FUN books to read. Most of the books I’ve been reading lately are dull as dishwater and not at all funny.

    I want something that will make me LAUGH OUT LOUD! :lol:

    • There are some hilarious, laugh out loud children’s books for sure (and some really boring ones, you wonder how they ever got published…). We LOVE the Mr Putter series by Cynthia Rylant. Some of them are sweeter and the others will make you laugh till you hiccup. Mo Willem’s Gerald & Piggie series are a few gems: Should I share my ice cream, Can I play too? (oh my gosh, if you don’t laugh out loud, there’s something wrong with you!), I will surprise my friend, watch me throw the ball… Adam Rubin’s Those darn squirrels series is hilarious too.

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