Goofy Monday: I guess I’m just getting old

Last week, I shared a few moments illustrating my absentmindedness and my clumsiness. Within the past week, I’ve come to the realization that I may also be getting old. How do I know? Because my kids tell me so, and they often do in not so subtle terms. Here are a couple of examples…

Moment of forgetfulness #1
Me (walking into the kitchen): “Wait, what was I gonna do?”
Son #2: “Mama, you ALWAYS forget what you’re going to do!”

Moment of forgetfulness #2
(hiking in the hills of a local park)
Son #1:“Mama, look at this plant with the spiky leaves. What is that called?”
Me: “Oh, it’s called… Well, in French it’s called “chardon” but I can’t remember the word in English.”
Son #2: “You forget words all the time, Mama. You’re getting OLD.”
Ouch! By the way, the word I was looking for is “thistle”.

From these recent experiences, I guess my youngest won’t offer me much pity for my getting older. My eldest seems to be a little kinder when it comes to the years passing by. He gave me this cute gift a few days ago: an early birthday card from the Easter Bunny himself!

Cute bunny wishes me an early birthday

Cute bunny wishes me an early birthday

My birthday isn’t for another couple of months though, so maybe my son isn’t trying to be kind after all. Maybe he’s just helping me getting used to the reality of what’s to come: one more candle on my birthday cake. I’m asking you to please not send me any Maxine birthday cards. I have a feeling my sons will be taking care of that for me.

Maxine birthday card

Maxine birthday card

18 responses to “Goofy Monday: I guess I’m just getting old

  1. Oh, wow, they’re starting early. This is another thing that will never let up. Ever. My sons don’t miss an opportunity to tell me I’m getting old. They use terms like “oldy moldy” and “ancient” and the ever simple yet descriptive “old person.” Yep. Kids are sweet…

  2. Kids love to tell us how old we are! Maybe we can return the favor when they’re in their 30s or 40s (but by then, we probably will have forgotten that they ever teased us.

  3. Alas I get this a lot with my brat too!

  4. Kids are great when we need a “reality check,” eh? But you’re still a YoungUn!

  5. I agree with Nancy on both counts. :) And I love your son’s Easter bunny Bday card…I can see a line of those for sale…think about it, Milka…kool kards by kids. :)

    • You know, Vivian, I’ve been thinking about selling my own cards (a line with photos, and one with funny cartoons) but I didn’t consider my son’s drawings for a card line until you mentioned it. But I think you may be on to something. He recently started writing and illustrating a whole series of small books. He finished #6 and wants to go to #12. They’re really good, smart and creative, I’m thinking about scanning them, formatting them and putting them up for sale digitally. I bet other young kids would like them. Lots to think about…

  6. Love your son’s artwork.
    Kids are so adorable. :-)

  7. Thanks for the laugh! :) Maybe we should start teasing kids for being so young. I guess it’s not the same though. I keep forgetting my real age, which seems to help.

    • It’s funny my kids tease me about my old age, because they often want to be older to do things they can’t do right now. But I bet they draw the line at 30, or even 20. After that, people just turn decrepit…

      • Hahah – I hope not! Funny how those lines keep changing the closer we get to them. I remember when 30 sounded so old. Now it sounds pretty young. :)

      • I think of myself as a bottle of wine that tastes better with age. And every decade has meant something different for me. Honestly, I enjoyed a lot about my 30s but I wouldn’t want to revisit my 20s. That’s when I realize I knew absolutely nothing about life, when I thought I knew it all. :-)

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