WordPress weekly photo challenge: Change

I’m participating in the WordPress weekly photo challenge and this week’s theme is change. The biggest change that happened this week is when I swapped my kids’ clothes for a larger size. My youngest is getting his brother’s clothes and my eldest is getting brand new pants and tops. That’s the type of change they embrace. Here’s my pile of now too-small clothes.

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Change

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Change

Our lives have changed a lot over the past year. My kids have had to make tremendous efforts to cope with life’s interruptions and interferences, and to adapt to new situations. But change can also have positive effects: it keeps us on our feet at all times. And it keeps our mindsets flexible and adaptable. Overall, change is good.

And here are a few songs about change I really like. Keane’s song Everybody’s Changing expresses how we can sometimes feel lost when things and people around us are changing while we feel stuck.

My favorite song about change is Eric Clapton’s Change The World. Enjoy!

18 responses to “WordPress weekly photo challenge: Change

  1. The poor second child, especially if he/she is the same sex as the oldest. Gets all the hand-me-downs.

    Love that Keane song!

  2. I used to swap clothes with several mums. Some items went round six children! They grow so quickly that nothing had time to get worn out.

  3. Love Clapton’s song. My boy is growing like a weed right now. Can’t keep his pants from flooding every month or so. The last pile of clothes I handed to my neighbor weren’t worn in the least (sad!)

  4. Being the yougest of 3 boys, I was only bothered by hand me downs when they came from my oldest brother, who’s clothes were always at least 2 sizes too big.

    • Haha, yes, that would be bad! Clothes are tough when you get to the bigger sizes, because there’s quite a difference between them. So even if the pants look too short in one size, the next size is way too long.

  5. I love those songs. So true that it’s easy to forget change can be a good thing, especially when it can cause so many disruptions or when it might not seem so great at the time. But then it gives us the chance for a whole new adventure. :-)

  6. We didn’t have anyone to hand down clothes to our girls but I bought many of their clothes at the thrift store, where I found lovely things for virtually no money. I figured when they got older, they’d want more expensive things, which is true, but they also still love thrift stores, so that worked well. I get compliments all the time on things I get at the thrift store.


    • I buy from thrift stores on a regular basis, especially pants. My kids make pants in them in a few months, so it doesn’t make sense to spend more than $10 on a pair. You can find some really nice things in thrift stores if you’re lucky.

  7. Kids change so FAST! Glad that your youngest is excited about inheriting those cool LEGO and dinosaur shirts from his big brother!

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