Goofy Monday: an early taste of the teenage years

My kids are familiar with computers, cell phones and the power of the internet, but one thing they don’t have daily access to is an e-reader or some type of electronic tablet. The only type of tablet I have is my Bamboo Create tablet so I can directly draw on my computer. They’ve seen plenty of iPad tablets around, but you’ll see from what happened the other night that they need a little more exposure to Amazon products.

Sounds like Kindle

I took my kids to a monthly school council meeting last week, where another mom also brings her daughter. My kids play with Lego and her daughter usually does homework or read. Eventually all kids end up playing together quietly. As we left the meeting, Son #1 had this to say:
“Hailey showed us how to play games on her kettle fire!”

I present you the Amazon Kettle Fire – it’s boiling hot! I can’t believe the marketing people at Amazon didn’t go for it.

Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle Fire

An early taste of the teenage years
Son #2: “Mama, who sings this song?” (listening to the radio)
Me: “Hmm, I’m not sure.”
Son #2: “Mama, you don’t know anything!”
Did I mention the kid just turned five? I guess 5 is the new 13.

Tricking without treating
Son #1: “Mama, look over there!” (pointing at something behind me)
Me (turning around): “What is it?”
Son #1: “Ha, I can’t believe you fell for that one!”
Honestly, I can’t believe I fell for it either, especially because the kids pull that one on me all the time.

I’d share more goofy moments but I think it’s time I got Son #1 back…

18 responses to “Goofy Monday: an early taste of the teenage years

  1. Love your goofy moments. They make me laugh. Kids are the best. I want a kettle fire.

  2. Oh yes, they are ready to be teenagers for sure with those comments! But at least you still get spontaneous hugs. When they’re actual teenagers, those disappear. :(

  3. I’d love a ‘kettle fire’…great moments, Milka…thank you so much for sharing them.:)

  4. Thanks for sharing these SMILES. :D

  5. Kettle Fire would certainly sell well among kids! Love it! :) I have a Bamboo tablet for my computer, too. It is my favorite way to edit photos. We did break down and get the boys iPods for Christmas. They seem to enjoy them, and it does make riding in the car for longer trips bearable!

    • I bet my boys would love their own iPods because all they do is command from the back of the car which radio station to listen to and how loud the volume should be. I’m so glad my car radio doesn’t have a remote control!

  6. That’s great that they’re already preparing you for those teenage years. :)

  7. I own a Kindle Fire…not sure I’d want the Kettle Fire….:)

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