Goofy Monday: Cooking with rotten eggs

Chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chip cookies – Photo courtesy of wikipedia commons license

Brace yourself for the newest edition of Goofy Monday. I’m starting with a photo of delicious chocolate chip cookies waiting to be baked. Know you may lose your appetite by the end of this post. I’m just warning you. That’s what life with boys can be like…

Cooking with rotten eggs
A few days ago, my now five-year old boy asked to make chocolate chip cookies. As we were about to place the dough on the cookie sheet, I saw he was tempted to pull a few chocolate chips out of the bowl to eat them.
Me: “Remember, we don’t eat raw cookie dough.”
Son #2: “Oh yeah, right, sorry.”
Me: “Do you remember why we don’t eat raw dough?”
Son #2: “Because it has rotten eggs in it?” 

And that’s where the saying comes from: “The first one who licks the spoon eats a rotten egg.” Oh, and let me know if you’d like the recipe for chocolate chip / rotten egg cookies. I’ll be glad to share.

What girls like
Last week, the same little guy came back from school and exclaimed: “Girls love boys with long eyelashes!” Apparently, he heard it from his teacher. And I have to agree with her. Long eyelashes on a man are sexy. I looked at both my kids’ eyelashes and sighed. I’m going to have my hands full when they start showing serious interest in girls, because their eyelashes are at least a foot’s length…

Locust infestation
In the morning, I read books with my youngest in the car, between the time we drop off his brother at school and his preschool starts. A few days ago, we were reading a book on insects and we’d reached the page on grasshoppers and locusts.
Son #2: “Locusts, they like to eat farmers.”
I just stared at him and waited, trying not to laugh. It was hard not to.
Son #2: “Oh, oops, that’s not right! Haha, hihi, haha, hihihihi…”

But then, I couldn’t help thinking there has to be a horror movie out there, where a swarm of locusts infest a farm and eat everything and everyone in sight. Did you see that movie by any chance?

Enjoy your next batch  of chocolate chip cookies!

25 responses to “Goofy Monday: Cooking with rotten eggs

  1. Phew. I thought you were going to say you made your cookies with rotten eggs. I might have to pass on those ones…

    “Locusts, they like to eat farmers.”—Hahaha. You’re right. There must be a horror movie out there like that. If not, fire up your laptop. You and your son have some screenwriting to do…

    • No kidding about screenwriting inspiration, huh? I see so many children’s book dedications to the author’s kids, I completely understand why. Kids are an endless source of inspiration.

      As for rotten eggs, maybe I should get a few of those for Easter, so my son can realize I probably wouldn’t use them in cookie dough…

  2. Locusts are a horror movie in and of themselves. Just seeing them invokes extreme terror. You can never tell where they’ll jump or fly…and it’s usually right into your face. Ick! I am bad and always eat chocolate chip cookie dough. I like it better than the cooked cookies, and I haven’t died yet…but I should be better…because there is always the first time getting the salmonella poisioning, I guess. But that dough is so tempting! Sigh.

    • Locusts are scary, aren’t they? We have giant grasshoppers here sometimes, they really freak me out, especially because they stand very still until your face is right in front of them. As for raw dough and batter, I ate plenty of it when I lived in France, and I never heard of salmonella in eggs. Heck, they don’t even store eggs in a refrigerated section at the store!

      • Scary. Giant Grasshoppers. No thank you. Keep them down there. I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets off on cookie dough.

      • You don’t have them in Idaho? They’re about 4 inches long here, usually brown so they camouflage very well. I have a photo of one sitting on a tree branch. Maybe I’ll get to use it for a post one day.

      • I’m sure the farmers have them. I’ve only seen the small ones so far, and hope not to make them a common sight. Oh please!

  3. I am extremely relieved about the rotten eggs!

  4. I have only once cracked open a rotten egg . . . the odor engulfed me and engaged my gag reflex as I raced with the bowl for the front door to get it OUT OF THE HOUSE. Ack!

    Glad that your cookies don’t really contain rotten eggs.

    • Haha, I can’t imagine cracking a rotten egg and not gagging! I guess I need to teach my kids that it’s not because something may contain germs that it tastes or smells bad. And that’s the real problem, since it looks perfectly normal. It’s crazy we have to be so paranoid about eggs but I’ve suffered enough food poisoning and stomach bugs to try to avoid additional risks. :-)

  5. Tell your son to put on the news – 30 million locusts have eaten Egypt this week.

  6. Locusts eating farmers – it sounds like a good subject for the next drawing! The street I live on is named after locusts. That in itself is pretty scary, but making cookies with rotten eggs probably would have been scarier.

  7. You mean you aren’t supposed to use rotten eggs in chocolate chip cookies?

  8. Hey, I love cookie dough. :-) Your kids are so funny. Wish mine were little again.

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