Goofy Monday

My kids can say the darndest things but when they combine their wit with mine, it makes for some pretty goofy humor. Here are a few examples to show you how we entertain ourselves at our house…

My six-year old is into pandas right now and he created the drawing below last week. When I read his line “No shooting pandas”, I told him, “Yeah, only bamboo shoots!” He laughed and immediately wrote that down on his paper. I think this should become the official poster to protect pandas. What do you think?

Panda bamboo drawing

Panda bamboo drawing

My four-year old is a fan of pranks and practical jokes but he’s also getting good at play-on-words. He came up with the punch line for a joke the other day. All I had to do what to come up with the question. Here we go!

– “What do you call a horrible boss?”
– “A manajerk!”

Here’s the last goofy joke for today and my kids are not involved. Do you remember the photo of the killer whales French kissing in last week’s post?

Killer whales French kissing

Killer whales French kissing

Well, fellow blogger Robin Coyle commented with this:
“It is like whale erotica!”
To which I had to reply:
“Yeah, it’d be called Fifty Shades of Grey Whale.”

Hey, I recognize a hook when I see one being thrown at me. Happy Monday!

29 responses to “Goofy Monday

  1. I think you and your boys should take to the road and do a mother-child stand-up routine. It could be the first of its kind!

  2. Happy to be your straight man!

  3. This was hilarious! I loved everyone, especially Only Bamboo shoots, and 50 shades of Grey whale. Ha ha! I agree with Carrie, you and your boys would make a great comedy act.

    • Haha, I forgot about that book. We read it a few months ago and it was a great exercise of the mind for my 6-year old. We love to play with words. My favorite is to take songs they love to listen to on the radio and make up new lyrics for them. The more ridiculous, the better.

  4. How about making ‘A little Monday humour’ a regular feature? I’m sure all who’ve read you post will agree :)

  5. I love your son’s panda drawing. It’s so great to hear of families laughing together like this (and yes, we all need more Monday humor)! :)

    • Oh, we sure have fun every day and never waste an opportunity to say something goofy. I just had one very funny moment with my youngest this afternoon while making cookies, so I bet if I keep better track, I’ll have materials for every Monday!

  6. You must have a better memory than I do. My son says something funny, and I have to ask him to remind me of it when I forget.

  7. Love your goofy Monday, Milka! Sorry I am just getting around to reading this one…just in time for tomorrow, I guess.:)
    Your son’s poster is AMAZING!

    • Thanks, Vivian! It looks like retirement has made you very busy. :-)
      I’ve gotten such positive comments for this Goofy Monday, I’m going to try to make it a regular feature and I’m writing tomorrow’s post right now.

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