WordPress weekly photo challenge: Love

If love is a blessing, then I am truly blessed. There’s a lot of love at our house and I’m reminded of it every day.

My almost five-year old finally tells me he loves me, without adding his special “love” words behind it. He’ll come over and gives me a big, squeezy hug and a kiss and tell me he loves me. The other day, he told me, “Mama, I love you so much, I’m going to write you a love note”. Well, lucky me, I got not one but two love notes!

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: Love

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Love

His brother has been writing me love notes for a while, so he sets a good example. :-)

They enjoy using my Post-It notes to do that, so they got a couple of packs each in their stockings for Christmas.

Besides giving me love notes on small pieces of paper, my eldest also likes to use the notecards he gets at school to share a tender message. Here’s one example of what can be inside his cards. He sure knows I love pink and purple! Look at me, I look good!

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: Love on a notecard

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Love on a notecard

He also likes to take over the whiteboard above my desk to leave me love messages. How could I ever erase that?

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: Love and heart

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Love and heart

My kids want me to save their love notes and I do. Here’s a nice stack of them on my desk.

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: Love notes on Post-it

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Love notes on Post-it

How can I look at these love notes and not feel blessed? The Beatles were right. Love is all you need.

24 responses to “WordPress weekly photo challenge: Love

  1. You’re lucky and have Valentines all year long with your kids.

  2. You truly are blessed to be surrounded by so much love! :-)
    Awesome photos of love.
    Treasure each moment!

  3. Who needs Valentine’s Day when you have this? How heart-warming and sweet of your boys! I don’t get a lot of “I love you”s from my boys anymore, but they do creep in here and there. In fact, my 12 year old just gave me a hug and an “I love you” last night to thank me for bringing him to the magician’s conference. I’ll take it!

    By the way, you’re quite stunning in that drawing! :)

    • How sweet of your son to thank you for helping him make his dreams come true. I bet that will be a great experience for the two of you to share.

      I know these love notes won’t last forever, so I’m enjoying every note that I get. I plan to save them in a box and take them out one day when my kids are much older. Either to embarass them, or to make them feel proud, not sure of their reaction yet.

      And thank you, I think that drawing is very realistic, at least when it comes to the shirt color. I’m not sure what happened to my hair there, I somehow lost 10 inches of it. :-)

  4. So sweeeeeeeeeeet

    I bought a Valentine’s Day card for my beer-loving husband. It says “Love is Ale you need.”

  5. What a SWEET post about post-its! And LOVE! :D

  6. Milka…these are precious! I love each and every one of them…they so remind me of the notes and letters my kids made for me when they were young. I sometimes included a little post-it in their lunch bags with a loving message as well.:)

    • I have given my eldest funny notes in his lunch, and I should continue doing it. It’s usually a very silly sentence with a drawing that goes with it. He gets a laugh out of it and shares it with his friends at lunch. They’re a good test audience for my book ideas! ;-)

  7. I love all your kids’ drawings but these have got to be some of the best because they’re so full of love. It’s great that the rendition of you is smiling so much too!

    • You know, it’s interesting about that smile because most of what my son draws involves ninjas or military people of some kind, and they’re always super serious. I’m glad I didn’t get that face in my love notecard!

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