101 in 1001 challenge update – January 2013

101_tasks_in_1001_daysWith a little bit more than one year left in my 101 in 1001 challenge, January is a good time for a checkpoint. I haven’t updated my online list since last April, even though I’ve completed several challenges. I apologize for what looks like a laundry list but it actually feels very good to cross so many challenges off the list.

4) Grow food plants in the garden (Summer / Fall 2012) (1/1)
Here’s the thing: I did manage to grow food in my garden this past summer and fall. The problem is, we didn’t get to enjoy it as much as we planned because the critters ate most of it. Before I plant more this spring, I need to find yet another way to protect our crops, mostly from the darn squirrels.

7) Plant flowers/flowering plants in the backyard (1/1)
Water is extremely expensive in California and I’d rather use it to grow something I will eat rather than flowers. But… I love clipping flowers from the garden and bringing them into the house, so this past summer I bought a couple of rose trees. I enjoyed fragnant roses in front of my kitchen window for months. Completely worth it!

20) Clean out and organize the kitchen cabinets and pantry (1/1)
This was a big project but I got it done. I ended up with a couple of empty cabinets now that I’ve reorganized and emptied out unnecessary items, or moved things around. I see the result of well-organized kitchen cabinets every day.

22) Clean out our bedroom closet (1/1)
I’ve actually done a lot more than that in our house, since I’ve moved our bedrooms around. My bedroom closet now only contains what’s necessary and I’ve put together bags of items to donate. The only problem is, I’ve moved the clutter to the garage and it’s been piling up there. I do have it on my list to clean up the garage, so technically, I have a year to do it, right?

26) Store the kids’ artwork in storage boxes (1/1)
I took me a while to gather my various piles of kid artwork, go through all the papers and keep the best, sort them in some kind of chronological order and file them. But I’ve done it and now I have room for more artwork in those boxes. I bet it will be fun for the kids to look back at what they did when they’re grown up.

51) Create a new website for my nature photography business (1/1)
I added on this challenge about a year after I originally created my list. This is definitely my proudest accomplishment so far on my 101 in 1001 list. If you haven’t visited my nature photography website, go take a look and let me know what you think. I still have a lot more to do regarding this business, but the website is where it all starts from.

63) Go apple picking (1/1)
We went apple picking this fall with my friend and her two kids near the town of Julian, California, which is famous for its apples. It was quite an adventure to guide four young kids to pick specific apples and not just pull every single one from each tree. It cost us a good amount of money to do this, but considering how many apples everybody snacked on during our outing, it was probably worth it. I made delicious apple sauce with some of the apples and we ate the best ones raw. A great idea!

101) Develop 3 new friendships (3/3)
2012 was the year of new friendships, as well as reinforced friendships, for me. As a part of my world seemed to fall apart, I found myself surrounded with wonderful friends, offering their support, help, shoulders to lean on, and anything I asked for or seemed to need. In 2012 I made many new friends not just in my town but also in the blogosphere. I realize this is a wonderful world we live in, where we can connect with people who live half a world apart (or a few states away). I am blessed to have so many wonderful friends and I’m looking forward to spending more time with them and getting to know then better in 2013.

As I reviewed my 101 in 1001 list and crossed off the items above, I realized that, with a year to go, I want to make some changes to my list. I’d like to remove some items that don’t seem relevant two years after I started this project, and add some items I recently thought about. With a new year starting and some upcoming changes in my life granting me a fresh start, I feel the inspiration to make my list an inspiration for the last year of this challenge. I hope to update my list over the weekend and share it with you early next week. I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say about it!

If you’re doing the 101 in 1001 challenge, how are you doing with your list? Are you finding yourself making changes to the list as the months go by? What about new year’s resolutions? Are you taking any specific steps this year that are different from all the years before? Are you feeling inspired or jaded with new year’s resolutions?

15 responses to “101 in 1001 challenge update – January 2013

  1. I’m amazed by how much you accomplished. I really don’t make lists like this or resolutions. Instead, I pick one or two projects and mark on the calendar when I want to have certain things done by. Which, in reality, is mostly just my novel-in-progress now. I’ve had ‘clean the oven’ on my list for eons. It just never seems to get done. Probably won’t happen until I move out of this house and am forced to clean it. :)

    • Oh, I wouldn’t put clean the oven on my list either! I crossed a few things off my list this summer, but then got a whole bunch done this fall, so it was good to see it completed. I have a daily to-do list but this 101 in 1001 list is much more long-term and very helpful to keep track of a mix of short-term and long-term goals. I’m looking forward to modifying it one last time to include my goals for this year, which I never dreamed of when I started the list a year and a half ago.

      I’m very inspired to make some things happen this year but how I will get it done is something to think about…

  2. That is an amazing list of accomplishments! It reminds me that I’ve needed to do a lot of those things for years now. I agree last year was a great year for making friends! :)

    • That’s why I really like the concept of the 101 tasks in 1001 days. Some goals take little time and others can spread over several years. New year’s resolutions start at the beginning of the year but you can start the 101 in 1001 project any time of the year. And since it’s my own list, I feel free to make changes to it. It’s very adaptable as my life path changes. I can’t wait till I refine the list this weekend for this last year before completion. I may not do it all but looking back, I think I’ll be impressed at what I will have accomplished.

  3. I’ve been a list person since I was a kid. This year instead of making huge long lists I can’t live up to, I listed my Top Ten for 2013. Then for this past week, I listed what needs to get done. I then color coded each task and after just 4 days I’ve accomplished over 60 personal and writing items. And you should see how colorful my notebook looks. LOL :)
    Enjoy your weekend.

    • I think you have to find the system that works for you. There are some definitely proven systems that work, but if you don’t use them, they’re useless, right? I have 2 and a half pages of things I want or need to get done this year and my next step is to schedule them. Some daily, some weekly and some as a one-time. I have a lot I want to accomplish this year, so organization is key!

  4. Yes, if we don’t follow a system that works for us it won’t happen.
    Organization is the key, that’s for sure! :)

  5. Wow! You’ve accomplished a ton. Good job, and keep up the good work. I love having new blogging friends like you too.

  6. The beauty of this challenge is that you can fiddle with it as much as you like.

    You have done very well.

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