Tears in heaven

I spent most of yesterday holding back the tears, but they kept coming back. I hugged and kissed my boys more than usual and they didn’t know why. I decided not to tell them.

Not to tell them about the horrible massacre that took place in Newton, CT. Not to tell about the children close to their age who lost their lives to nonsense violence. Not to show them any videos of the media coverage (I’m so glad we don’t have TV). Not to listen to any radio news reports that kept creeping up on us, no matter the radio station we picked.

I don’t want them to know what an awful world it can be out there. I want them to enjoy a few more years of innocence. I didn’t have the heart to break it to them that the bad guys can be really, really bad. A lot worse than in any book they’ve read, or any movie they’ve seen so far. We live in a community that has suffered a large school shooting, so we know first hand how painful this type of event is. The wounds never heal and something like what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School yesterday opens them instantly.

I still sit in disbelief and cry for all the little souls that are now gone, way before their time. I can’t imagine the pain a parent can go through, especially so close to Christmas. My heart goes out to them.

Eric Clapton lost his son in a tragic accident and has put the pain into words and music perfectly in Tears in Heaven. I couldn’t think of any other song to offer as comfort to the parents.

And Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s beautiful version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow is for all the kids of Sandy Hook Elementary School.


19 responses to “Tears in heaven

  1. Such perfect song choices. Both bring tears to my eyes.

  2. Catherine Johnson

    My sentiments exactly. I won’t be telling my kids either. Those poor parents and kids left traumatised :(

  3. So sad for so many. :-(

  4. Our children lose their innocence younger and younger. I think you are right not to tell them.

    • I’m worried about tomorrow when they go back to school. I’m worried other parents will have told their children, who in turn will want to talk about it in class. I just hope the teacher is considerate enough to make any speech as short as possible if this happens.

  5. It’s very much the same; you shield your children, and I shield my mother. We protect those who can’t protect themselves, and when they do learn what has happened, then we do our best to explain.

  6. Thank you, Milka, for presenting a great platform for shielding young children from the horror…it would be better for all of us if TV’s were banned. :) And I LOVE your song choices…they brought tears to my eyes, for sure.

    • Sorry for the tears. Another blogger shared this beautiful quote on her blog this weekend, which was very appropriate for the circumstances.
      “Heaven knows we need never be ashamed of our tears, for they are rain upon the blinding dust of earth, overlying our hard hearts. I was better after I had cried than before —more sorry, more aware of my own ingratitude, more gentle.” ~ Charles Dickens

  7. Great sadness,

  8. May we all find comfort in music and in each other.

  9. Yes, lots of tears lately. I don’t watch TV at all either – we only use it for movies – and normally I’m a happier person for it. I’m glad some children still have their innocence and can still look forward to Santa and all good things.

    • I agree that avoiding TV makes you a happier person. 90% of the news is negative or depressing when really, 90% of anything that happens at any given moment is neutral or positive. There should be a TV channel with only happen moments being reported. But misery, not happiness, is what sells. People love to see other people being worse off than they are. I don’t get it.

      • I don’t get it either. Watching the news only frustrated me because it’s filled with things that we can’t do anything about. That’s a great idea – bring on that happy channel! :)

      • Isn’t it weird there’s no such channel? All fictional shows are about conflict, only comedies are happy, and yet, it’s at someone’s expense. Reality shows are all about making fun of someone else or enjoying someone’s misery, and I find them despicable. TV news are all gruesome or sad. I’m sorry to say but TV sucks and I’m glad I cancelled cable 3 years ago.

      • There really should be a happy channel. Even movies that are labeled as comedies are sad and most cartoons are more violent than funny. It’s great that your kids don’t watch TV – they’re definitely better off that way for so many reasons.

      • They only watch DVDs, either something educational, or select movies. I want them to see TV as a venue for learning as well as entertainment, but with limits. We love watching Christmas movies this year. They love Elf, probably because they enjoy watching a grown-up who still possesses the innocence of a child, and nothing that happens in the movie compromises that.

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