That’s the good life!

Last night I took my kids to a monthly council meeting for the school district. While we have by-laws we follow, the meetings have a very informal setting and parents bring their kids with them on a regular basis so they can attend and serve their community.

As we were ready to get in the car and leave, my kids realized it was pitch black outside. Thank you Daylight Savings Time! They couldn’t remember the last time they went out at night so they suddenly felt a rush about the little adventure they were about to enjoy. I didn’t want to ruin their excitement by telling them our travel time would be less than five minutes.

So I strapped the kids in, then myself, opened the garage door and pulled the car kids heard a song on the radio they liked, so they asked me to turn it up. As I was putting my car in first gear, I heard my six-year old sigh and say with a big grin

“Aaaaah, that’s the good life!”

It sure is! And the kid doesn’t keep the good life all tohimself. Look how well he takes care of his own doudous (loveys in French). They’re enjoying the good life too. It’s all good!

That's the good life

That’s the good life

18 responses to “That’s the good life!

  1. Kids are so great! They always appreciate the good life…and it is usually the simple things. We adults would be a lot happier if we followed their example.

  2. That is so sweet. Those are the moments I always tried to imprint on my brain, so I’d never forget them.

    By the way, I’m going to link to your store in my next post. Love your stuff! Thanks for letting me know about the discount. It was like getting some items for free. :)

    • My kids say very funny things on a regular basis and I keep a log so I can publish the funniest ones on this blog. But this line was so great, I had to share it as it happened.

      Thank you so much for ordering my photo products, I really appreciate it! I just realized I wanted to order a calendar for myself early on to make sure all the photos would come out OK but I didn’t… So I guess you’ll be my guinea pig and you need to let me know how the photos look. Now, I’m nervous…

      • I’m sure they’ll be great. It was perfect timing, because I needed gifts for my mother and sister when I see them at Thanksgiving (we’re having one big combined birthday party). I also got them the lemon coasters. And I couldn’t resist a moon mouse pad for myself. :)

      • Argh, now you’re making me really nervous! But I’ll also say thank you, thank you, thank you!

      • No, thank you for giving me something to buy for gifts. I don’t like shopping, and I don’t really have time for it. Ordering online is my way of doing things.

      • You’re welcome. I’ve just added a few Christmas ornaments and I’m working on adding a few posters. Hopefully they’re be published and visible by the time you post tomorrow.

      • Let me know if you want me to hold off. I usually post on Thursday, but I’m going to post tomorrow because I’m going out of town for the rest of the week. But I can wait to link to your store in my next week’s post if you prefer.

      • I think it will be fine. I saw Zazzle already published most of the posters I created, so go ahead. Thanks again for the plug!

  3. That’s so sweet ~ the comment and the doudous. :D

  4. Life’s pleasures are simple, as your boys learned :)

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